Acceptance is the key to raise autistic child (with video)

Published On: October 17, 2019 06:24 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

Autism is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, generally diagnosed during childhood and its symptoms are visible before the child turns three.

Sharing his love for films, Bhattarai shared the valuable insights of his experience as writer/director to My City’s Rahat Poudel. Here are the excerpts:

Asmita Khanal: A sporty actor

Published On: October 14, 2019 06:13 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

Asmita Khanal's main goal was to support body growth via gymnastic but eventually this sport grew into her passion. And, now she is the an international female gymnastic player.

A group of young girls and boys who were clad in the white kit were practicing with swords at the covered hall of National Police Academy, Maharajgunj on Thursday. They all were national fencers—preparing for the upcoming South Asian Games (SAG) 2019 in the closed camp. Excitement and enthusiasm were clearly visible on their faces while practicing since the combat sport— fencing; is being included for the first time in 13th edition of SAG.

Poetry detoxifies mental toxin:  Viplob Pratik

Published On: September 24, 2019 07:00 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Viplob Pratik is a prolific name when it comes to poems, lyrics, and translation in contemporary Nepali literary fraternity.  Born and raised in Kathmandu, Pratik has penned over a hundred poems in Nepali and English including two poem collections: 'The person kissed by moon' and 'Nahareko Manchhe'.

They chose film making as a tool to express their thoughts and they also realized that film is a strong medium to convey the same.

When music becomes passion

Published On: September 3, 2019 06:00 PM NPT By: Anwesha Khadka

Music has the power of healing and connecting people. And Damodar Adhikari is a musician who also teaches music. He has sung and composed songs like Jaga Jaga, Yahi Ho Mero Desh, Bandaina Nepal, Bideshma Basne Gari, Baba Rahesamma, Shirima Shiri, Ma Sano Balak and so on.

Better to see something than hearing about it

Published On: August 25, 2019 05:26 PM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

In a conversation with MyCity’s Rahat Poudel, Shrestha shared his love towards taking the adventures. Here are the results:

Instant Inquiry with Ritavrat Joshi

Published On: August 24, 2019 06:14 PM NPT By: Republica

Ritavrat Joshi is one of the emerging bass players in Nepal. He’s currently involved in Kamero, Space and his solo act, Lawpacks. MyCity features Joshi on this week’s Instant Inquiry. Here’s what he had to say:

Self defense is not just about physical defense

Published On: August 20, 2019 05:20 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

Self defense is a technique that is done for self protection from any forms of harm.