In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly designated November 19 as World Toilet Day to raise awareness about the human right to water and sanitation. On this note, let’s have a look at some facts about toilets you might not have known.

Ryan Reynolds has drawn parallels between his upcoming film 'Free Guy' and the modern world, which he describes as really weird.

When was oxygen discovered? How did King William II die? And when was the first Guinness World Book of Records published? As the eighth month gets under way, we look back at some of the strangest and most surprising things that have happened in August through history.

Big-name authors and their weird jobs

London: Actress Anna Kendrick was blown away by the huge success of “Pitch Perfect”, saying she simply hoped a “couple nerds” would like the movie musical.

LOS ANGELES, Sept 26: Popular Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra says auditioning for TV series “Quantico” was “weird” for her, but she gave it her best shot and landed the lead role.