BAGLUNG, August 9: A school head teacher reportedly thrashed a student until he collapsed. The student has also gotten his upper teeth broken in the attack.

SARLAHI, June 26: A minor, who fell unconscious due to lightning strike, has died while being rushed to hospital.

BARDIYA, May 27: A woman has been lying unconscious at a hospital in Kohalpur since five days after being beaten black and blue by her husband.

KATHMANDU, August 15: One Nepali girl, 22, found unconscious in Cyprus breathed her last as she was being rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

KHOTANG, April 10: A Swiss citizen has died while speaking at a program of the school in Solukhumbu .

KOHALPUR, Aug 31: A youth, who was staying at a Kohalpur-based hotel in Banke district, has been found dead. Bikash Rai, 30, who was staying at Poplife Hotel, Kohalpur-11, with his friends, was found dead, apparently due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

JHAPA, June 21: Worries have found their way to a secondary school at Surunga in Kankai Municipality in Jhapa as many students lapsed into unconsciousness.