YEMEN, Mar 18: The World Health Organisation says a diphtheria outbreak in war-torn Yemen has spread rapidly nationwide and infected more than 1,300 people.

Radisson spreads joy

January 3, 2018 09:49 am

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: Radisson Hotel Kathmandu hosted an event called ‘Spread the love; spread the happiness’ on the occasion of New Year on Monday.

GAUSHALA, Oct 5: Rapid spread of dengue in Bardibas of Mahottari district has created fear among the locals.

Increasing dengue cases spreads fear

October 4, 2017 11:29 am

GAUSHALA, Oct 4: Rapid spread of dengue in Bardibas of Mahottari district has created fear among the locals.

FLORIDA, September 12: Storm-shocked Floridians returned to shattered homes on Monday as the remnants of Hurricane Irma pushed inland, leaving more than half of all state residents without power and city streets underwater from Orlando and Jacksonville into coastal Georgia and South Carolina.

A business that spreads happiness

April 27, 2017 03:00 am

KATHMANDU, April 26: Sudikshya came to yet another dead end when she tried to search for ideas to celebrate her mother’s birthday. She tried everything, but to no avail. She was browsing through Facebook when she came across a post titled ‘Offering Happiness’ in her news feed.

3G service spreads to all 75 districts

October 7, 2016 15:11 pm

KATHMANDU, Oct 7: Nepal Telecom's GSM 3G mobile service has now percolated through to all the 75 districts of the country.

LONDON, Sept 11:  Passengers onboard a flight from Gatwick were terrified when a handcuffed migrant, who was being deported to Venice, repeatedly screamed "Allahu Akbar" and "death is coming".

KATHMANDU, Sept 2: Over a dozen people from the Matatirtha and Thankot areas of Kathmandu, who were admitted at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH), have tested positive for cholera.

NAWALPARASHI, Aug 19: A few days ago, Mahebunu Nesha, 36, of Kudia VDC-3 in Nawalparashi district, who had gone to the field to collect fodder, came home with her right leg swollen. Her family members rushed her to the snake bite treatment facility run by Bajradal Battalion of Nepal Army immediately.

Fikkal FM spreads love of Nepali

August 18, 2016 01:00 am

ILAM, Aug 17: Nepalis living near the border with India share many similarities with their southern neighbors. Along with similar culture, they speak commonly understood languages.