KATHMANDU, March 26: Online form submission for acquiring a driving license that was suspended due to COVID-19 was reopened in the third week of December last year. The number of people filling out online license forms after 10 months of suspension has increased significantly. More than 700,000 service seekers are waiting for the practical test (trial) after filling online forms. However, the transport management Offices have not been able to provide the service as there is no date available for trials till January, 2022.

KATHMANDU, Dec 11: The Transport Management Office at Ekantakuna is yet to distribute some 70,000 driving licenses. The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has stated that it has sent all the smart driving license cards to the offices concerned for distribution after it cleared its backlog during the COVID-19 pandemic.

KATHMANDU, Dec 10: The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has printed more than 700,000 smart driving licenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department used the lockdown period as an opportunity to clear the backlog.

KATHMANDU, Feb 28: More than 240,000 smart driving licenses have been printed so far as part of the government's drive to issue around 800,000 licenses for the time being.

KATHMANDU, Feb 12: Though the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) said on December 16 that the backlog of applications for smart driving license will be cleared in 'four-five months', more than 600,000 people are still to get driving license.

KATHMANDU, Dec 11: The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) had started operation of mass printer nearly a month ago and during that time the backlog of smart driving license was 600,000 to 700,000 and now after a month of operation of mass printer the backlog still remains the same.

KATHMANDU, May 16: Service seekers have been facing problems after the government stopped accreditation of 'smart' driving license.

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