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Rainwater harvesting is gaining popularity in the country. Some people think utilizing rainwater is good, healthy and viable. Whereas, some think rainwater is not contaminated and not healthy. Read more to know more.

ARGHAKHACHI, April 4: The family of Sita Tharu of Padini Rural Municipality in Arghakhanchi district was thinking of migrating to the plains due to acute water crisis in the village. Since many others did so, this family also wanted to follow suit. According to Tharu, the greatest problem in her locality has always been that of water.

Rainwater collection for our water woes

November 23, 2017 09:34 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 23: Nepal is the second richest country in the world in water resources.  This is a statement that most of the Nepali people know by heart. And yet,most of them don't know where the water is.