Understanding the Source of Sadness

March 25, 2023 08:30 am

Tough times are inevitable in human lives. Once in a while, incidents happen that pick us up and give us an overwhelming amount of sadness. That sadness can come from loss or shock. Acute sadness can result in several mental health problems. When we are unable to handle our emotions or understand their source, the result can be catastrophic. Grief is a powerful human emotion.

Normalizing mental health issues

November 29, 2019 09:16 am

Mental health is one of the least prioritized areas in the health care sector of Nepal. There is one major national psychiatric hospital in Kathmandu run by the Nepal Government, and other smaller psychiatry units in various hospitals. A few civil society organizations run programs and clinics providing mental health care, with a focus on raising awareness and giving counseling and support for access to medical care.