Urging people to take government's advisory of self-isolation seriously amid the rising cases of coronavirus in the country, megastar Salman Khan on Sunday shared a video message for fans.

Why one should not buy groupism

February 3, 2019 07:00 am

As energy is contagious, it is always wise to be around people who inspire you and are respected not just for their age or for the amount of money they earn.

NEW DELHI, Nov 22: For thousands of years, the people of North Sentinel island have been isolated from the rest of the world.

SIRAHA, Sept 30: Kaladevi Safi, 70, prays a little more intensely and many more times during the monsoon. And there is a reason for doing so. She feels that not doing so might invite disasters. If anyone falls sick at home or in the village, they can’t be taken to a hospital for health checkup as the village is on an island which is isolated from the outer world during the monsoon.

CHITWAN, Nov 28: Khadak Bahadur Rana is 95. He has been living in a hut near the Balmiki Ashram, one of the most popular ashrams in the country since the last four decades.

SINDHUPALCHOWK, July 24: With the Larcha Bridge over Bhotekoshi River broken and washed away by landslide on Sunday evening, Tatopani area has been isolated from the rest of the country. The bridge, a part of the Araniko Highway, was the connection of Tatopani with the rest of the country. Incessant rain throughout the day and the night earlier had triggered the landslide that broke bridge.

WASHINGTON: The White House hit back Friday at criticism of Donald Trump's decision to scrap a major global climate deal, accusing Europe of trying to "shackle" the US economy and refusing to acknowledge climate change is real.