MOSCOW, June 6: Several Russian radio stations were hacked and played a fake President Vladimir Putin speech announcing an invasion from Kyiv's troops and emergency measures in three regions bordering Ukraine, the Kremlin said Monday.

LVIV, Ukraine/KYIV, March 16: U.S. President Joe Biden will make his first visit to Europe since the invasion of Ukraine to discuss the crisis with NATO allies next week, the White House said on Tuesday as the refugee tally hit 3 million amid more Russian air strikes.

LVIV, Ukraine, March 14: Diplomatic efforts to end the war in Ukraine were gearing up on Monday, with Ukrainian and Russian negotiators set to talk again after both sides cited progress, even though Russia attacked a base near the Polish border and fighting raged elsewhere.

LVIV, Ukraine, March 14: Diplomatic efforts to end the war in Ukraine stepped up on Monday, with Ukrainian and Russian negotiators set to talk again after both sides cited progress, even after Russia attacked a base near the Polish border and fighting raged elsewhere.

THE HAGUE, March 7: Ukraine will ask the United Nations' top court on Monday to issue an emergency ruling requiring Russia to stop its invasion, arguing that Moscow's justification for the attack is based on a faulty interpretation of genocide law. read more

As Russia’s war on Ukraine entered Day 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Ukrainian statehood is in jeopardy and pinned the blame for the war on Ukrainian leadership. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged Ukrainians to resist and made a “desperate plea” to U.S. Senators on Saturday to help his country get more planes. The plea comes as Russian forces continued to batter strategic locations with missiles and artillery and after NATO’s refusal to impose a no-fly zone.

LVIV/KYIV, Ukraine, March 6: Russian President Vladimir Putin said Western sanctions were akin to war as his forces pressed their assault on Ukraine on Saturday for a 10th day and the IMF warned the conflict would have a "severe impact" on the global economy.

MOSCOW, March 4: The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the largest conflict that Europe has seen since World War II, with Russia conducting a multi-pronged offensive across the country.

LVIV, Ukraine, March 4: Russian forces seized the largest nuclear power plant in Europe after a building at the complex was set ablaze during intense fighting with Ukrainian defenders, Ukrainian authorities said on Friday.

KYIV, Ukraine, March 4: Russian forces shelled Europe’s largest nuclear plant early Friday in the battle for control of a crucial energy-producing city, and the power station was on fire.

KYIV/KHARKIV, Ukraine, March 3: Russian troops are in the Ukrainian city of Kherson and forced their way into the council building, the mayor said after a day of conflicting claims over whether Moscow had make the first major gain of a city in its invasion that began eight days ago.

WASHINGTON DC, March 1: It’s a globalized world — a planet stitched together by intricate supply chains, banking, sports and countless other threads of deep connection. Until it isn’t.

KYIV/MOSCOW, Feb 28: Russia's political and economic isolation deepened on Monday as its forces met stiff resistance in Ukraine's capital and other cities in the biggest assault on a European state since World War Two.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sued Thursday to stop the sale and publication of a photo of their son Archie that they say was shot at their Los Angeles-area home in invasion of their privacy.

A senior military advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution says Iran will fire 1,000 missiles at Riyadh on the first day of a possible Saudi invasion of the Islamic Republic.

Technology invasion in our lives

December 31, 2017 08:58 am

Technology has become so insidious into our daily lives. People are more or less connecting- and disconnecting - as technology offers varieties of nominal communication. It has slowly pushed people in isolation. However, no one has yet calculated fewer opportunities to connect with each other in the physical world.