LUCKNOW, INDIA, Jan 31: Authorities rescued 23 children after killing a man who held them hostage for nearly 11 hours after inviting them to his home for his daughter’s birthday party in northern India, police said Friday.

NEW DELHI, Dec 27: Indian authorities stepped up security in major cities on Friday and mobile data services were suspended in some places ahead of protests against a new citizenship law.

LUCKNOW, INDIA, Dec 24: Indian authorities stepped up security and shut down the internet in various places on Tuesday while members of the ruling party planned marches backing a new citizenship law even though nationwide protests against it are escalating.

KATHMANDU, June 8: Amid reports that Nepalis were stopped at the Indira Gandhi International Airport from traveling to Nepal, the Indian side said that there was such policy of the Indian government while assuring that this would not happen in future.