POKHARA, May 10: Nepali Congress central member and Health Minister, Gagan Thapa, has claimed that responsibility of finding an outlet to the country from the existing confusion by enforcing the constitution has come upon the shoulders of the Nepali Congress.

Impeachment imbroglio

January 25, 2017 00:35 am

If the IRC quashes the motion, it will imply that the 157 MPs who petitioned for Lokman Singh Karki’s impeachment were wrong

KATHMANDU, Jan 2: Naya Shakti Party Coordinator Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that the current political imbroglio will get an outlet once the major political parties strike a deal on power sharing, claiming that they have no differences on major political

KATHMANDU, Dec 13: Top leaders of the three major political parties have held a meeting at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar in a bid to seek a solution to the current imbroglio.