Live and let live

December 7, 2019 12:48 pm

Religion is the highest flight of human consciousness. It has been central element in defining relations between humans, non-sentient life forms and inanimate objects in society. Different set of rights and obligations flow from different types of relations and as far as humans and animals go, this relation is mostly of domination and subordination leading to a vigorous system of rights but a frail set of obligations toward animals, making animal marginalization a theme of common occurrence in the anthropocentric reality.

KATHMANDU, Dec 4: On the eve of the butchering of hundreds of thousands of animals in Gadhimai Temple of Bara district beginning from Tuesday, a contempt of court case was filed against the government and the Gadhimai Temple Trust for failing to implement the apex court's order against sacrifice of animals.

BARA, Dec 4: Gadhimai religious festival, known as the Kumbha Mela of the tarai, on Tuesday witnessed over a million visitors, giving security personnel a tough time. According to  police, over 1.5 million people came for the mela  and to sacrifice animals.

Underside, a metal band from Nepal has released their music video, ‘Gadhimai’ through their official YouTube Channel on Tuesday. Fuzz Factory Production made the music video.

RAUTAHAT, March 29: Citing “irregularities” in the development activities conducted by the local government, locals of Gadhimai Municipality have padlocked the municipal office demanding transparency.

Chickenpox outbreak in Gadhimai

April 20, 2017 01:20 am

RAUTAHAT, April 20: Dozens of locals in Gadhimai rural municipality, Rautahat district, have been infected with chickenpox, which has been spreading in various villages of the municipality over the last one week.

BARA, Nov 23:  Security has been tightened in the district in view of President Bidya Devi Bhandari’s visit on Wednesday afteroon. President Bhandari is arriving here in Bara this afternoon to visit the Gadhimai Temple in Bariyapur.

KATHMANDU, Aug 4: The Supreme Court on Thursday issued a directive order against animal sacrifice during Gadhimai festival calling on the government to discourage the tradition of sacrificing animals in the name of pleasing gods.