KATHMANDU, Aug 15: Do you use gadgets like mobiles, laptops and tablets for a long time sitting in one position? Then you should be careful now.

Easy Tips To Take Care of Your Gadgets

November 16, 2017 11:31 am

Gadgets are our ultimate source of utility. They make things easier for use and somehow entertain us when we’re bored. They do lots of things for us, though just like any technological device, they are prone to malfunctions. With that, though, we figured to list down five easy-to-follow tips in taking care of your gadgets.

Consumers are snapping up fitness trackers, smart watches and other connected wearable gadgets but huge numbers wind up in drawers unused after just a few months once the novelty wears off.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 5: Google ratcheted up its rivalry with Apple and Amazon by unveiling new smartphones, an internet-connected speaker that channels a digital assistant, and other gadgets the company hopes to make indispensable.