The economic performance of any nation state requires an in-depth analysis of its various social and political determinants; to truly understand if and how a state “succeeds” or “fails” in implementing economic schemes requires an analysis which is holistic and multidimensional.

Feast and fun in country side

November 24, 2019 09:02 am

It’s no sin to turn your back to the sun occasionally even if you worship it. It behooves well to plan for feasts and fun in the sun as it requires bare minimum resources in the countryside. You just need to snatch a couple of corn pods from the bunch, peel and extricate the grains, roast them in a handi (earthen fryer) and mix them with some roasted bhatmas (soybean). Never worry about thetna (half-roasted grains) as they team up with the soybean to fight hunger effectively.