The path was dark but I third my way, My heart pumped, my legs trembled, and my body shaken, Nightmare stories I heard my friends and family say, How the dignity and respect of ours were taken.

RASUWA, Aug 5: Power production from the 22 MW Chilime Hydropower Center has come to a halt after the power cables of the national transmission grid broke off.

JUMLA, July 1: Dr Govinda KC’s first night of 15th fast-unto-death has been completed in darkness. Crusader for medical education reform and  senior orthopedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC initiated his 15th fast-unto-death, in Jumla on Saturday afternoon. He began the hunger strike under police custody but  was subsequently released .

KHOTANG, June 20: A massive landslide in Patheka of Khotang district has destroyed a canal of a local mini hydropower project, shrouding the whole village in darkness.

The Girl With Seven Names, The Award, Wings of Fire: Darkness of Dragon

‘Make Me See’ dispelling darkness

January 7, 2018 09:55 am

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: The idea of giving back to the community has never been confined to the categorical divisions of age, sex, class and profession. Humanitarian work is better evaluated and analyzed by the feasible and fruitful outcomes it tends to draw to a concerned group of people.

Madi in darkness since past week

September 6, 2017 06:52 am

CHITWAN, Sept 6: Tool required for tracking faulty underground power supply cords not available with NEA, being procured from India

BAGLUNG, September 3: For the residents of the western part of Baglung, the Budhathok Small Hydropower Project has been turning into a white elephant.  The damage in canals of the project causes losses worth millions every year.

PALPA, August 22: There are around 500,000 differently-abled people in Nepal, as per the National Population Census 2067 BS. According to the Health Ministry’s data, an additional 4,440 faced different forms of disability after  the devastating 2015 Gorkha Earthquake.

TEHRATHUM, April 22: The unseasonable flooding has swept away the canals of micro hydro power projects here plunging some 550 households in Khamlalung and Samdu into darkness.

JAJARKOT, Nov 24: The dream of more than 300 households of Khagenkot-5 and 6 in the district to illuminate their houses have not been fulfilled yet for lack of budget to buy electric poles.

DOLPA, Aug 14: Over 300 households at different three wards of Tripurakot VDC of the district were compelled to live under the darkness after a dam of the Chhalang Mini Hydro Project of the VDC was swept away by the flood causing disruption in power supply Friday night.

NEPALGUNJ, Aug 8: The construction company awarded the contract of a rural hydropower project based in Khaskusma VDC of Banke district has already renewed its contract twice. Yet, it has failed to produce electricity as villages are still reeling under total darkness at night.