The world of Artificial Intelligence and Coding belongs to men if World Economic Forum’s Global Gender report 2018 is to be believed.

Coding, the modern superpower

June 1, 2018 07:52 am

The world’s fascination towards coding is growing day by day. Other than organizations and companies in the technology department, it’s widely applied in various other sectors like finance, manufacturing, media, fashion, healthcare and many more.

If you want to bring up a kid to be a successful investor or entrepreneur, the current education system says they should be studying STEM subjects, cramming facts and figures, and immersing themselves in coding class.

Techrise is a coding boot camp and an initiative that teaches young people to code and help them learn a set of marketable skills that will enable them to write web applications.  Techrise was set up six months ago to bridge the gap between educational opportunities and an individual’s competency. In conversation with Republica, Takehiro Mouri and Natsuko Robyn Shinozaki, the Japanese founders, share the reason behind establishing the company in Nepal, the challenges and prospects of IT worldwide.