SURKHET, Jan 5: On the initiation of District Administration Office (DAO), Surkhet, 300 c¬hhaugoths were destroyed in the district in the past three days.

JUMLA, June 25: Unlike in the past, Siddha Shahi of Hima Rural Municipality sleeps at her own home even during her menstruation these days. In fact, she has been making the people aware about the risks of forcing women to live in Chhaugoths (menstruation sheds) during their periods.

JAJARKOT, July 29: Three days ago, Gita Khadka of Junichande Rural Municipality-4, Bista Tole was banished to a chhaugoth (menstrual hut) . She will be permitted to re-enter her house only after two more days. Despite being an educated person, Gita has no option other than sheltering in the menstrual hut like hundreds of other girls, and this is because of the fear of upsetting the deity.