LAHORE, May 8: At least eight people — five policemen and three civilians — were killed and 25 others injured in what officials described as a suicide bombing targeting an Elite Force van parked near the Data Darbar shrine in Lahore on Wednesday.

The locals of Bhaktapur have discovered Machheshwar Mahadev at Suryabinayak Municipality-5. Though earlier known as Pichashewar, Masaneshwar and Isamsaneshwar among the locals, a recent study has proved it to be Machheshwar Mahadev.

Gunmen and suicide bombers attacked Iran’s parliament and the shrine of its revolutionary leader on Wednesday, killing at least two people, wounding dozens and igniting an hours-long siege at the legislature that ended with four attackers dead.

QUETTA, PAKISTAN, Nov 12: An explosion at a Muslim shrine in southwestern Pakistan killed at least 25 people and wounded dozens of others, local officials said.

BAGHDAD, July 8: The death toll from an attack on a Shiite shrine north of Baghdad has risen to 37 overnight, with 62 people wounded, Iraqi officials said Friday.