Sujit Mahara is a 27 years old cobbler who has been in the service since 2010. His work station is at Durbar Marg, which is known for branded stores. Originally from Janakpur, he came to Kathmandu after his father’s death and took his father’s occupation as his and he has been supporting his family of three.

LAHAN, August 10: During the Janakpur Literature Festival organized in Janakpur in the second week of February, acid victim Aarti Shah expressed her thoughts “Not only the one who throws the acid on someone but also the one selling the acid should be punished.” Issuing its verdict on the Arati Shah acid attack case, the District Court of Dhanusha has pronounced her husband Sanjiv Shah guilty of throwing acid on her. However, the court has acquitted the acid seller Nagendra Shah.

KATHMANDU, Feb 2: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), in a bid to control electricity leakage and improve service flow, has started signing performance agreements with the chiefs of distribution and customer service centers.

KATHMANDU, Dec 20: Buddha Air has formed an internal investigation committee to find out the cause of flight error on Friday.

LAHAN, Aug 9: Two people with symptoms of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) died at separate hospitals in Janakpurdham on Sunday morning.

KATHMANDU, April 23: Two more patients have tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, according to the Ministry of Health and Population.

JALESHWOR, March 16: The bus service to Patna, the capital of Bihar State, India from Janakpur, the capital of Province 2, has come to a halt from today amid fear of coronavirus.

JANAKPUR, Jan 23: The Province-2 government has set a target to reduce poverty rate by achieving high economic growth within next five years in order to bring quality change in the living standard of the State's citizens.

MAHOTTARI, Jan 8: A group of journalists were ‘roughed up’ inside the office of the mayor of the Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan City on Tuesday.

Shining in SAG

December 4, 2019 11:45 am

Nepali players have demonstrated excellent performance in ongoing 13th South Asian Games (SAG) happening in three main cities of the country—Janakpur, Pokhara and Kathmandu. As of this writing, Nepali players have grabbed as many as 20 golds and several silvers and bronzes.

Joys of Janakpur

November 22, 2019 11:06 am

My trip to Janakpur was an impromptu one, something my friend and I decided on a day before we departed. So, I didn’t really have big expectations from or detailed plans for this trip, which turned out to be for the better. I’ve finally understood why people say ‘unplanned trips are always the best.’

Chhat festival being observed today

November 2, 2019 11:26 am

JANAKPURDHAM, Nov 2: The festival of purity, goodwill and faith, Chhat is being observed with high regard and much fanfare today.

DHANUSA, Nov 2: Bananas worth Rs 10 million have been imported to Janakpur for Chhath festival, the biggest festival of people living in the tarai region.

DHANUSA, Oct 27: The fuel stations in Dhanusa have shut down their service demanding justice for Manoj Shah, who was shot dead in Janakpurdham Sub-metropolitan City on Wednesday.

One shot dead in Janakpur

October 23, 2019 12:25 pm

DHANUSHA, Oct 23: One person has been shot dead in Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan city on Wednesday morning.

JANAKPUR, Oct 8: Yatra Parba festival, also known as Jatara Parba in Mithila region, is being celebrated on the tenth day of the Bada Dashain festival today.

Temple dance in Terai

August 29, 2019 13:11 pm

The people from Terai, work hard in their fields in day time and at night they relax and entertain themselves by dancing and singing before the idol of Lord Krishna and his constant companion Radha, his beloved. This is performed in a temple of each and every village in Terai-Madhesh.

Janakpur submerged in water

July 12, 2019 16:20 pm

DHANUSHA, July 12: Large parts of Janakpur sub metropolis in Dhanusha have been inundated following incessant rain since Wednesday night. Most of the road areas, government offices and private houses sitting on relatively low lands have been left under water.

JANAKPUR, June 26: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a grant of Rs 1 billion Indian currency for the development of Janakpur Sub-metropolitan City during a visit to the city in May 2018. Almost 13 months later, the grant for developing this major destination for Hindu pilgrims looks less likely to come through any time soon.

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JANAKPUR, May 25: The Janakpur High court on Thursday ordered the authorities to remand Mahant (chief priest) Baikuntha Das Vaishnav of the Ratnasagar Temple in Janakpur in police custody. He has been accused of forging documents allegedly to sell off land belonging to Janak Hajari Vidhyapith, a campus-affiliated to Nepal Sanskrit University.

JANAKPUR, April 12: Land brokers in collusion with the head priest of a temple in Janakpur have encroached upon 15 bighas (approximately 300 katthas) of Guthi land in Janakpurdham of Janakpur.

JANAKPURDHAM/KALAIYA, March 30: Five police personnel including Deputy Superintendent of Police Hem Shahi were injured in Bara on Saturday when a clash erupted between the students and police during the demonstration staged by the students in protest of leakage of the Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) question papers of several subjects in Rautahat and Saptari districts.

JANAKPUR, March 24: The District Court, Dhanusha, on Sunday, started the hearings on the notorious case of a  bomb blast in Janakpur in 2012 which took five lives. The then Member of Parliament Sanjay Sah aka Takala has been in police custody for the last six years on the charge of masterminding the blast.

Child abductor nabbed

February 5, 2019 14:52 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 5: Police have arrested Manish Kumar Gupta of Janakpur on the charge of his involvement in the kidnapping of a two- year-old baby girl. Sanigya, the daughter of Babita Shah, a doctor at Thapathali-based Maternity Hospital was abducted on January 25 and rescued same day.

Nepal gets first modern train tracks

December 15, 2018 09:00 am

JANAKPUR, Dec 15: The competition between two Asian giants, India and China, for influence over tiny Nepal is yielding a bonanza in the form of the Himalayan mountain nation's first modern railway — and possibly more to come.

JANAKPUR, Dec 13: Chief Minister of the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath arrived in Janakpur on Wednesday to take part in the Ram-Janaki Vivaha Panchami celebrations.

Yogi’s meaningful visit to Janakpur

December 13, 2018 00:30 am

Critics claim that Yogi’s visit to Janakpurdham is an attempt to gain political advantage

UP Chief Minister Yogi felicitated

December 12, 2018 15:01 pm

JANAKPURDHAM, Dec 12: The Province No 2 Government today felicitated the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh state of India, Yogi Adityanath, who arrived here as part of the bridegroom’s party from Ayodhya to participate in the Sitaram Vivah Mahotsav.

KATHMANDU, Dec 12: Chief Minister of India’s Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath arrived in Janakpur today to participate in the Bibaha Panchami ceremony on the premises of the Janaki Temple, on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, Nov 10: Transaction worth 5 million of garland has been done in the festive season of Tihar in Janakpur.

DHANUSHA, Oct 22: A train with 53 bogies carrying blast has arrived in Janakpur for the second time on Friday. The train came from Pakhaur, Jharkhand of India carrying the blast. Blast is the pebbles used in the railway track.

Oct 11: 6 things to know by 6 PM today

October 11, 2018 18:00 pm

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JANAKPUR, Oct 11: A freight train loaded with around 5,000 tonnes of ballast arrived in Janakpur from Jaynagar of Bihar on Wednesday.

Fuzz Factory Productions, with the support of Prince Claus Fund and the British Council, will be releasing a new episode of their music documentary, Fuzzscape, this Saturday via Youtube. The documentary is a musical collaboration of musicians Ranzen Jha, Rajan Shrestha, and Rohit Shakya. A press statement issued by Fuzz Factory Productions further states that Janakpur was chosen for this episode citing the historic and cultural significance of the region.

JANAKPUR, Sept 2: The Minister for Internal Affairs and Law for Province 2, Gyanendra Kumar Yadav protested in front of Nepal Rastra Bank's Janakpur branch office after the state owned bank declined to abide by the provincial government's decision.

Police arrest five cadres of RJPN

August 18, 2018 11:54 am

KATHMANDU, Aug 18: Police have arrested five cadres of Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal for showing black flag to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli at the Janakpur airport. A faction led by RJPN's parliamentarian, Upendra Mahoto had lured his party leaders to boycott today's provincial meeting. Yesterday, they had informed the same through an open letter.

KATHMANDU, June 16: India has provided new air entry routes for Nepal over Biratnagar and Janakpur.

JANAKPUR, June 5: A year ago, Janakpur was declared temporary capital of Province 2 amid protest against the decision. Residents of Birgunj protested against the decision while pitching their own city for getting the status. Though the protests have not completely simmered, Janakpur is struggling to get a makeover. Despite having rich cultural and historical heritages, the city continues to be plagued with dilapidated roads, garbage mismanagement and messy market areas, among others.

KATHMANDU, May 15: Nepal Students Union (NSU) has orgainzed a protest program on Tuesday to protest the remark made by Kirti Azad, the lawmaker from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

KATHMANDU, May 14: The ruling CPN-UML has taken strong exception to the remark by an Indian parliamentarian who last week said that Janakpur should be made part of India and urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take back the historical town from Nepal.

KATHMANDU, May 14: Agni Moto Inc, the authorized distributor of Mahindra two-wheelers in Nepal, has opened a new showroom in Janakpur.

KATHMANDU, May 12: Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath Yogi welcomed the bus that left Janakpur yesterday at Ayodhya.

JANAKPUR, May 11: Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister KP Oli on Friday jointly flagged off a passenger bus service between Janakpur and Indian city of Ayodhya, which lies in Uttar Pradesh state. The distance between the two cities is 493 kilometers.

JANAKPUR, May 11: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his two-day official visit to Nepal from holy city of Janakpur on Friday morning stating that the visit is aimed at mending ties with Nepal through the revival of a strong cultural and religious ties that subsists between the two countries.

JANAKPUR, May 11: In a joint press meet, PM KP Sharma Oli and visiting Indian PM Narendra Modi launched the Ramayan Pilgrim Circuit from the temple's premises.

PM Modi arrives in Janakpur

May 11, 2018 10:53 am

KATHMANDU, May 11: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Janakpur today for a two-day official visit to Nepal.

JANAKPUR, May 11: As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to arrive at Janakpur for his third visit to the country, crowds have started to arrive at Barabigha and Janaki Temple.

JANAKPUR, May 11: Locals in the holy city of Janakpur await the state visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday as the provincial and local governments in coordination with the federal government have given the whole place  a total facelift to  welcome the visiting dignitaries.

JANAKPURDHAM, May 8: Minister for Foreign Affairs, Pradeep Gyawali has said that all necessary preparations to welcome and extend a civic reception to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Janakpur have been completed.