Wild bear electrocuted in Chure range

January 5, 2021 12:00 pm

UDAYAPUR, Jan 5: A bear was electrocuted on Monday in a forest in the Chure range of Katari Municipality in Udayapur district. The accident happened after the power from the electricity transmission line got supplied to the soaked land killing the wild bear, according to Division Forest Office, Katari.

KAILALI, Feb 4: Six months ago Ghodaghodhi Municipality came up with a plan to manage stray cattle. As part of the plan, it built a shed for stray cattle in a national forest located at the base of Chure range. Around 2000 stray cattle including cows and calves were collected in August.

DANG, Jan 12: Concerned about the rampant excavation in the Chure range, former president Dr Ram Baran Yadav has urged the government to stop the "ongoing destruction in the name of development."

LAHAN, Nov 1: During the last local and provincial elections, one of the promises that almost all political parties and leaders made was prioritizing the conservation of nature and wildlife, especially the Chure range. They stated that the Chure range ecosystem had been badly damaged and vowed to take measures to put an end to activities that were deteriorating the ecosystem further. Deforestation and mining of aggregates, sand and stones from river beds and mountains in the Chure region were put forward as the major factors damaging the range’s ecosystem and politicians had pledged to put an end to such activities.