KATHMANDU, Oct 10: The government has urged senior orthopedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC to withdraw his 19th hunger strike.

KATHMANDU, Oct 10: As the government failed to reach an agreement with representatives of Dr Govinda KC, the Nepal Medical Association is preparing to unveil a series of nationwide protest programs in a bid to exert pressure on the government to fulfill Dr KC’s demand.

KATHMANDU, Oct 9: The demands presented by senior orthopedic surgoen Dr Govinda KC are politically driven, and are not only related to bringing reforms in the medical education sector of the country, a Cabinet minister has claimed.

KATHMANDU, Oct 9: The government refused to sit down for a meeting with the representatives of senior orthopedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC, who has been staging a hunger strike demanding reforms in the medical sector.

NHRC requests govt to save Dr KC’s life

September 25, 2020 16:50 pm

KATHMANDU, Sep 25: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has requested the government to save the life of senior orthopedic surgeon and anti-corruption crusader Dr Govinda KC, who has been staging hunger strikes demanding reforms in the country’s health sector.