Workshops, trainings can be of great help

Published On: March 28, 2017 12:55 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Today, everybody wants to achieve excellence. Imperfection is not tolerated, be it in schools or at work. With an objective of helping people achieve excellence, or perfection, various training programs and workshops are conducted in Kathmandu. But are they really helpful? Have they actually helped the people achieve their dreams? Republica talked to a few people to get their opinion on the matter.

Lalita Acharya 

Social worker 
I find it really positive and see it as an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that are widely and globally accepted. To witness such talented and adroit personalities helping the laymen acquire expertise in various areas in itself is inspirational. However, I also think that such training programs would be more effective if they are organized in a more practical and interactive way. Such training schemes provide a brilliant platform to showcase and share views, opinions and ideas.

Ashlam Ahamad
High school graduate
I don’t think workshops and training sessions are that helpful. But yes, they work as a motivating factor. Someone you love telling you that ‘you can do it’ is much less effective than some strangers yelling it to you in front of unfamiliar people. But I think instead of joining workshops and training, reading self-help books will be more effective. Auto-biographies can also help motivate an individual. Most of the workshops I have attended have only followed one-way communication style, which I feel can never persuade anyone to achieve excellence.

Shriya Shrestha
Undergraduate student
Workshops and training are the perfect place to explore your personality, strengths and weakness. These events can push an individual in the right direction and help them overcome their weaknesses. They can also be a platform for building network and making new friends. Workshops and training are a fun medium to learn new skills and develop personality. These activities can motivate the people. It’s not that the trainers have something special in them they has made them able to motivate someone, but it’s the way they say things.

Tsheten Lama Hyolmo
Undergraduate student
I think the workshops and training these days provide a better learning opportunity to the participants. Because such programs are mostly conducted in a pragmatic way, they are most likely to benefit the targeted group. Similarly, since technology has been an inescapable part of our lives, such training and workshops would help us become tech-friendly, enhancing our technological skills. 

Kunsang Choden
High school graduate
Trainings and workshops are really helpful if you are looking for inner motivation and are going through a rough patch. Leadership training, which I took a year ago, actually changed my life. I learned new life skills and made many new friends. This particular training taught me keys to communication and made me realize my weaknesses and helped me overcome them. I was always scared to present my ideas, but the workshop made me realize that this was, in fact, my strength.

Madhab Rijal
Having attended several training and workshops, I truly believe they help aware and educate the people. However, I feel that although we have experience in conducting such training and workshops, we could make them more effective. For example, currently, during these workshops, the presenter just runs through PowerPoint slides. We can make it more efficient and interactive. I would suggest that such trainings be organized in such a way that there’s two-way communication between trainees and trainers.

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