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Published On: June 16, 2016 08:53 PM NPT By: REYA SHREYA RAI

If staying active and eating healthy were easy, everyone would be doing just that.

The Week caught up with Doma Bajracharya, a fitness expert, to talk about the do’s and don’ts for a healthy fitness regime.

Bajracharya is a group fitness expert. She trained under master trainer Salima Banu on aerobics and exercise in 1997 and at de gaard studio in Holland. Fitness has always been her passion and she decided to make this her career in 2009.

ell us more about group fitness. 
Group fitness/exercise involves a group of individuals who move/exercise under the supervision of a trained instructor.

Is group fitness beneficial over other forms of exercise? 
Group fitness classes are great fun and motivating. An individual can follow a pre-designed course from a trained instructor without having to worry about exercising safely and effectively. You are laughing, socializing and exercising all at once. We are social animals and tend to feel better in other’s company.

Do you need prior experience to join a class?
Typically, group fitness classes are designed by the instructor, and individuals with varying levels of skill can join the class. However, certain group fitness like the step classes and cross fit may demand preparatory classes due to its intensity and designs.

Is there ideal diet for someone attending a group fitness class?
There is no such thing like an ideal diet. One should try and maintain a balanced diet. Avoiding deep fried food, sugary drinks and white food items like flour, salt, sugar, and rice is beneficial.

How does group fitness improve both mental and physical strength?  
Group exercise is always fun because you are not exercising alone. A person always gets that extra push in a group setting. Plus, you are motivated by others’ efforts as well. In-person interaction with others keeps our brain healthy. Moreover, physical activities de-stress our mind and keeps us healthy. 

What is your idea of a healthy person?
For me, a healthy person is someone who is sound both in their mind and body, someone who is independent and can perform his/her daily tasks dutifully. And that person possesses a positive attitude towards life. 

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