Why Nepal needs K P Oli

Published On: March 3, 2021 12:53 PM NPT By: GP Acharya

K P Oli was instrumental in initiating the process of bringing back Nepali territories occupied by India.

South Asian regional politics is getting complex day by day, while dynamics of geo-politics is changing every moment. Nepal is now witnessing multiple challenges: intra-party conflict, economic crisis, pandemic, unemployment, income inequality etc. Externally, there are more sensitive issues of territorial disputes, geo-political influence and trade imbalance. Nepal needs to secure its stability and maintain economic prosperity. In this situation, Nepal needs a bold leader who can strategically handle all these challenges and maintain strong bilateral relations.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is able enough to preserve sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintain balanced bilateral relations with the immediate neighbors and beyond and handle domestic politics.

He is intelligent, visionary, unflinching, and strategic in handling the sensible domestic and bilateral matters. Patience, prudence, calmness and boldness are essential in handling the challenging situation both in domestic and bilateral affairs, and Oli has demonstrated all these attributes so far.

Perhaps, Oli is the second Prime Minister after Manamohan Adhikari who has not been dragged into corruption controversy personally. Oli is daring enough even to make unpopular decisions for the sake of national wellbeing.  He took strong stand on various issues mainly those related to connectivity, foreign policy, bilateral relations and sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. He strongly stood against five months long Indian border blockade in 2015. He played dynamic role in addressing Madhesh Andolan. He brought CK Raut, then campaigner of free Madesh and frontrunner of so-called separatist movement, into mainstream politics. Now he is trying to bring Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’ into mainstream.  He played a significant role in constitution promulgation in 2015. He saved the country from possible risks of ethnic federalism which saved the nation from potential civil war. He took a reasonable stand on citizenship laws. Most important, he was instrumental in initiating the process of bringing back Nepali territories occupied by India. Nepal can bring back those territories only under Oli’s leadership. Oli still has a huge number of Nepali people behind him.

Nepal needs Oli to successfully promote socio-cultural harmony, to heal the wounds of conflicts, to take initiatives for national development, to maintain dignity of the nation. His detractors describe him. Only history will justify whether Oli is a dictator or nationalist leader.

PM Oli has built strong image within the region and beyond. This is why India, China and the US, all have their eyes on Nepal. He is one of the valiant Prime Ministers in Nepal’s history who stood neck to neck with the leaders of the immediate neighbors to safeguard sovereignty and national interests. Oli is the only statesman who can coherently balance Nepal’s relations with international powers including the US, India and China.

Can any other contemporary leaders handle all these issues better than Oli? Can his rivals—who openly invite foreign meddling in Nepali politics—defend sovereignty and nationalism?

Nepal is doing much better in diplomacy than ever before. Our bilateral relations are quite consistent, balanced and coherent. Nepal is becoming an important nation in terms of geopolitics. In this situation, Nepal needs a strong leadership, which is why Nepal needs K P Oli.

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