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Published On: November 4, 2016 11:45 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

The need to warm up before exercising can’t be stressed on enough. Not only does it energize us but it also helps us enhance our performance, prevent injuries, and prepare ourselves mentally for the next level. A warm-up should be done before each workout session: cardio, strength training, and even stretching-based classes like yoga. 

You don’t need to give much time to your warm up session but it is imperative that you don’t miss out on it before starting your exercise regime, says Grishma Bista, a certified Zumba instructor.

Grishma says that you can hurt yourself when you don’t warm up before starting your workout, which is why she makes sure all her clients know the importance of warming up. Here she tells us why a warm up session is important and shares some basic rules and guidelines for staying fit.

The benefits of warm up

Warm up routines are very important as it helps the body cope with the intense workout that is going to be done. It helps the body get heated and energetic for further exercise. It also helps increase the blood flow to your working muscles, better preparing them for the additional workload to come and lubricates your joints for easier (and less painful) movements.

The best way to stay fit if you can’t work out regularly

If you can’t go to the gym daily, one of the best ways to stay healthy is by controlling your diet. Stop eating oily food and food that contains more sugar. I also suggest you have light meals after 12 pm. However, it’s important to incorporate some form of exercise in your daily life so try brisk walking. Warm up for five minutes and you are ready to go. 

The definition of a healthy diet 

There is no specific diet plan. Normally, people who are working out should drink a lot of water, avoid junk food and those items that contain a high amount of sugar. One should also have at least one large serving of vegetables and fruits every day. I also advise people not to skimp on meals but to eat frequently in small amounts. Not eating is not the answer to weight loss. This will only have the opposite effect when your metabolism slows down. 

On gaining weight when you stop exercising 

When a person stops exercising whether its gym, cardio, swimming, aerobics or zumba he/she automatically gains weight. Therefore to maintain an ideal weight one needs to control his/her diet or go for morning walks or jog as an alternative. Moderate exercise, such as walking, can reduce the risk of diabetes in obese and sedentary people whose blood sugar is starting to rise. Eat a fruit or two everyday. Fruit contains sugar, but it also contains fiber, which helps to regulate your digestive system.

Some basic warm up routines 

Firstly, there’s the Side Abs Lift Crush. Here, you just lift your leg up and bring it down but you do it sideways. Take one second for each lift and one second to bring it down. Do it on one side for 60 seconds, pause for 10 seconds, and then do it again on the other side for 60 seconds.

The second exercise that can easily be carried out is known as the Twisting Punch. Here your body needs to be straight, facing center. Your fists need to be tight and strong. After your posture is straight and strong, twist to right and left punching right and left side. Be sure that your body is facing the center and just move your upper body when you twist left and right while you punch. Your punches need to be strong and you can pretend that you’re punching a punching bag. Do this for 60 seconds, pause for 10 seconds, and then do it for another 60 seconds. 

The third exercise is known as Touch High Kick. Here, your body needs to be straight and flexible. Kick your leg high as possible and try touching your toe with your hand while you kick. Do it for 60 seconds by changing legs every second. Rest for 10 seconds then do it for 60 seconds again. Keep in mind that you should try and kick as high as you can. 

Grishma Bista is currently studying law at Kathmandu School of Law. As an animal and nature lover, she chose to major in environment law. Grishma is also a Latin dancer and has been a licensed Zumba instructor since July 2014.









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