Ward chairperson absent from work to pick yarshagumba

Published On: May 19, 2018 08:09 AM NPT By: GANESH BK

RUKUM, May 18:Yarshagumba, a fungus prized for its purported medicinal properties, is a huge attraction in the Himalayas. The ' Yarsha carnival' engages locals and traders from different parts of the hills and even India, as the precious herb fetches good money. And the urge to make the most of it has not spared even the elected local representatives. 

Amid pending works, chairperson of ward number three of Putha Uttarganga Rural Municipality left for Patan (the place where Yarshaguma is found).  To a great inconvenience of service seekers, the chairperson Dhokara Budha is absent for the last few days. 

"He left for the Yarsha trip without even informing us," said Om Prakash Gharti, chairperson of the rural municipality. "He was not present even in the meeting last time," he added. 

Following his absence, Gharti handed over the responsibilities to ward member Chinya Budha. However, this will still impact the works, Gharti said. 

"Chinya Budha is the acting chairperson. But still it will be inconvenient for people needing help," said Gharti. "But what could be done when chairperson leaves that way for yarsha? After he gets back from the trip we are going to interrogate him over this," he added. 

According to Gharti, the chairperson is not a single local representative to leave their offices for the yarsha trip. There are many others from the eastern part of Rukum.

"There are many local representatives who have joined the trip. But such thing should not happen, they should be accountable to the service seekers" Gharti said. 

Schools in several parts of Rukum remain closed for over a month during the yarsha season. Arbija, Purwang, Pupaal and Fulbari hills are most popular for Yarsha.

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