Villagers forced to fetch water from a source located 3 km away

Published On: May 9, 2017 08:51 AM NPT

RAMPUR (PALPA), May 9: The locals in eastern Palpa are forced to scour for drinking water, the basic essential need for staying alive.

The locals from Galdha, Beldanda, Kebarapani, Namsurgha and Dhallabari villages under the Nisdi Village Council – 5 travel three kilometres on foot every day to fetch water after the water sources in their villages started to dry up.

Every morning locals of Beldanda and Siluwal areas along the Rampur – Aryabanjhang road stretch queue up at the water tap from as early as 4 am. The locals say the smaller water sources in the villages started to dry up following the massive earthquake.

At least 52 households in Galdha, Beldanda, Kebarapani, Namsurgha and Dallabari villages are suffocating day and night from the drinking water crisis. The locals have turned to the only stone water spout at Gijindanda of Rampur Municipality – 4 as the alternate source of water.

Fed up with the daily toil in supplying the water to their villages, some have taken to reserving vehicles to transport the water to their respective destinations. The vehicles too are showing humane gestures by not charging fare – which has come as a great relief for the stricken villagers.

Rameshwor Somai, 87, from Kebarapani of Galdha – 8 says it has become a huge problem to live a life by carrying buckets of water from a distance of three kilometres to his place. "There are no sources of water anywhere near the village, after I get up in the morning what I do is fetch water," he shared.

Khemansingh Saru says he is forced to spend the day dependent on two vessels full of water. "The drops of water are now being viewed as more important than oil. The poor families from the working class, who earn a living on daily wages, are suffering from a dilemma whether to work to earn money for daily expenses or find water," Saru said. RSS

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