Uterine prolapse rampant in Karnali

Published On: June 26, 2018 04:10 AM NPT By: DB BUDHA

JUMLA, June 26: Hojila Shahi, a victim of uterine prolapse since a long time, was always hesitant to disclose her problem. The local of Shyarpunath Municipality of Jumla said that the society's outlook toward females with uterus related problems was appalling. Shahi said, “As long as a women's body is in good health, they are showered with love and the second something goes wrong, they are left alone.”

Shahi has been to the zonal hospital eight times where doctors inserted a rubber-coated ring as a form of treatment along with cleaning the uterus. Unfortunately, it's difficult for her to receive regular checkups as her village is a three-day walk away from the hospital. 

However, recently she had some luck. Shahi was quite happy when a team led by Dr Binod Aryal visited Jumla and conducted operations of the uterus. Locals were grateful for the arrival of a specialist team.

Seventy five-year-old Aaiti Khatri of Damachaur, Salyan said that her entire family split due to her uterus problem. Thus, a facility of operating the uterus in Karnali Academy of Health Science has relieved many locals. 

Reshmi Rokaya, 70, of Darmakot, Salyan said that in a patriarchal society where females with uterus problems are viewed entirely differently, the operation of uterus gave her a new life. She added that a lot of female population in her district suffers from the ailment.

Free health camps were organized in the five districts of Karnali, and in Salyan and Jajarkot of Bheri Zone recently. The first health camp was conducted in Simikot and the last one in the Zonal Hospital in Salyan. According to gynecologist Dr Binod Aryal, they successfully conducted operation on nine women in Humal, 11 in Dolpa, four in Kalikot, 10 in Mugu, 27 in Jumla, 20 in Salyan, and 24 in Jajarkot. 

Over 1000 people were treated through the health camps. Marriages at a young age, frequent child births, lack of proper care during pregnancy, and lack of nutritional diets along with lifting heavy weight during and after pregnancy are the foremost causes of the disorder in remote Nepal, said Dr Aryal.

Due to the agreement between Karnali Academy of Health Science and Mid-Western Regional Directorate, a step has been taken to continue treating uterus prolepses victims. Females suffering from this problem are given travel allowance, along with provisions of food and shelter. Doctors said that uterine prolapsed  is widespread with many females dying untimely due to the lack of proper treatment. Pregnancy at a young age, lack of sufficient rest, regular and consistent child births have resulted in an increase in uterus-related diseases in Karnali, Dr Dharmaraj Gosai stated. Females who are supposed to take rest for six months after delivery end up doing household chores and heavy lifting a week later. Working whilst sitting down, coughing after smoking and consuming tobacco also increase pressure in the uterus.

Hospitals are physically inaccessible to most people, and many cannot spend much on treatment. For women living in remote parts of Nepal, problems related to the uterus have become associated with the culture and tradition. These women are often excluded from the society and looked upon with disgust. Most of the females are ashamed to talk about their problem. Females with uterus issues are often excluded from the society.

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