Two percent population of Sudur Paschim undergo coronavirus test

Published On: August 25, 2020 12:35 PM NPT By: RSS

CHITWAN, Aug 25: Coronavirus tests of 53,749 people (2.1 percent of the total population) have been conducted in the Sudurpaschim Province over the past five months. The tests were conducted through the RDT and PCR methods. 

Among the tested, 5,338 people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus infection as of Monday. It is almost 10 percent of the population undergoing coronavirus tests. The total population of the province is over 2.55 million. 

With the rise in the number of infected people, pressure has been ramped up from different quarters to widen the scope of sample collection and testing for the coronavirus infection in the province. 

After the confirmation of the infection, the task of testing the suspects was initiated in the province through PCR and RDT procedures. The samples of 124,690 people were examined through the RDT method – which was not found to be reliable in comparison to the PCR method. 

According to the data maintained by the Health Service Directorate Dipayal, the province capital Kailali has witnessed the highest number of coronavirus infections as of Monday.


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