TU fails to provide transcripts within a day

Published On: August 7, 2018 03:00 AM NPT By: Biken K Dawadi

KATHMANDU, Aug 7: The Examination Management Information System (EMIS) launched by Tribhuvan University (TU) on May 27 with the promise to provide students their academic transcripts within a day of the application has failed to deliver the crucial credentials to the students as announced earlier.

With a budget of Rs 50 million, the system was said to be set up for the students of Bachelors in Education (B Ed) on the very day of its inauguration while the Office of Controller of Examination (OCE) of TU had claimed that the system would be available for all students in every faculty of the university within a month. But even two months after the inauguration, the OCE has failed to implement the new system.

The OCE has only been able to run the system in one campus. TU's Examinations Controller Pushpa Raj Joshi said, “We have finally installed the system at Lumbini Commerce Campus in Butwal and have provided the service to about 1,900 students so far.” But this number is a very small portion of the average daily traffic of 1,500 students who visit the OCE daily to obtain their transcripts.

OCE officials claimed that the delay in the implementation of EMIS is a result of technical difficulties and complications of B Ed faculty. “With 627 campuses teaching B Ed nationwide, the education department is the largest faculty of TU. It is very difficult to manage the system for this faculty,” Joshi said, adding, “There were some technical drawbacks too. It is very difficult to set up telecommunication lines that are vital for the system.” According to him, EMIS will take about one more year to reach students from all the faculties across the country.

“We would felicitate them with garlands if they provide us our transcripts within a day!”

said Lal Bahadur Oli, a B Ed graduate from Rukum who queued up for hours to receive his transcript on the OCE premises at Balkhu on Sunday. Scores of other students had gathered at the OCE to obtain their B Ed transcripts.

“Last time when I came to collect my transcript they asked me to come after a week,” Oli said. He has visited the office several times to collect his transcript but each time he is treated rudely instead of being handed the certificate. Some of the students in the queue have even been visiting the office for about six months to get their hands on their transcripts.

OCE officials including the Examinations Controller claimed that this problem arises either due to students losing their admit card or due to mismatch of information about the applicant. But in Oli's case, none of these occurred. He has just become a victim of the OCE officials' dillydallying.

When asked if he knew that the EMIS could provide him his transcript in a day, he shot a collective answer on behalf of a group of students, who surrounded him in front of the OCE.

“We would felicitate them with garlands if they provide us our transcripts within a day after a student applied for that!”

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