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Published On: September 13, 2019 11:08 AM NPT By: SITU MANANDHAR

En vogue retro fashion pieces and how to style them

There are times when we get to hear (often from elders in our families) that what we are wearing was once a major fashion trend during their times. Our clothes have been shaped and influenced by history and though they might have been modified to suit the taste of today’s youths, they still hold the same appeal as they did when they were first in fashion.  From crop tops to jumpsuits, these timeless pieces are must-haves in every girl’s wardrobe. 

Crop tops
Crop tops were first introduced in the 1940s. But it’s still in fashion even today because of its unique design. During World War 2, designers realized cropping the bottom half of a shirt would save raw materials. This was also stylish and created the hourglass figure popular at the time. Crop tops gained popularity in 1980s highly influencing pop culture. One of the most popular ways women created the crop top look was by tying their blouses in the front. This style is popular even today as people opt for the same look and even experiment with it to create various other new looks. The result is that the present crop top fashion has become more stylish than ever before. 

How to style it?
You can pair a crop top with pretty much anything. Wear it with high-waist shorts for a casual look or combine it with overalls. For a look that’s a little more formal and put together, you can wear a crop top with a light jacket or a shirt (with buttons undone). This outfit can double as a fashion office ensemble and an after work look for dinner and drinks with friends. 

Turtleneck was initially made as a protective gear for the neck. It became much more fashionable during the mid-sixteenth century when it was favored by aristocrats and the ruffles were indicative of status. In the 19th century, it was used as polo player’s and working man’s uniform before a feminine version of the style took over. In 1960s, turtleneck became a dress code for intelligent and empowered feminist. In the current context, the turtleneck has been redesigned in various ways by top designers. It has found its way into almost every wardrobe because of its cozy and chic style. In winter, turtleneck sweaters and high neck are usually in trend.

How to style it?
It can be a tad bit tricky to style a turtleneck but it can be done. The key is to make it seem like a part of the outfit you are wearing. Opt for sleek turtlenecks in neutral colors that go with everything in your wardrobe. For an oversized, slouchy turtleneck, wear it over a slim and sleek slip dress. The proportion play will ensure your figure doesn’t get lost under all that wool.

Cargo pants
Cargo pants were first used as a part of military uniform in the British Armed Forces in 1938. It was useful to hold maps, ammunitions, and radios. In 1990s, cargo pants became popular among urban hip-hop performers. With time cargo pants were shortened and became cargo shorts. The first evolution of cargo pants was because of Ralph Lauren, a U.S. fashion designer, who presented silk-made cargo pants as a part of his innovative runway in 1998. In the present context, cargo pockets are usually present on skirts, jeans, capri pants and shorts. Cargo pants too are still in trend because of its comfortable style and casual look.

How to style it?
To add instant polish to your cargo pants, pair them with a plain black tee, a black blazer, and ballet flats. Keep the accessories streamlined in the same color palette. Cargo pants also look really good when paired with a crisp white button-down. The overall look will be professional and polished. Finish with pointed-toe pumps.

Camel coat
Camel coat, designed by Jaeger, was introduced in 1919. In the times of war, there was a shortage of raw materials and it was at this time that camel hair was widely available. It was a reliable and functional material that could be fashioned into coats during wartime. It was also made for military personnel and became a part of their uniforms. Today, instead of camel hair other synthetic materials are used but it has remained a trendy piece throughout history. Though this timeless piece has been modified time and again, its essence has remained the same. It is a great clothing item that’s well suited for both formal and casual occasions.

How to style it?
The good thing is camel coats are easy to style because you can pretty much pair them with anything. For a sleek look, opt for leather pants with a ruffled blouse beneath a camel coat. You can pair your camel coat with jeans and a white t-shirt too. This is one versatile piece. 

In 1919 jumpsuit were created for parachuters and skydivers. The ‘You Can Do It’ poster of Rosie the Riveter in her jumpsuit is an iconic cultural reference and symbol of empowered women. It soon became a fashion trend signifying daring female and independence. Many Hollywood actresses were also seen in jumpsuits in the subsequent years. This fashion clothing then became the symbol of pop culture. In 1940s, jumpsuits were made for women who worked in factories during WW2. In 1970s, the jumpsuit shouted style, attitude, and stage presence. However, the jumpsuit has been redesigned to suit today’s times but it’s still a global fashion trend.

How to style it? 
There are different jumpsuits for different occasions. If you have to dress up a bit on the formal side, pick a sleek and well-tailored jumpsuit that flatters your figure. If cool and casual vibe is what you want, wear a loose-fit jumpsuit with an elasticated or drawstring waist. You can give this simple outfit the much-needed panache by adding jewelry, nice shoes, and belts. Alternatively, layering also works wonders with a jumpsuit.

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