Time is relative

Published On: January 8, 2021 08:30 AM NPT By: Sailesh KC

Sailesh KC

Sailesh KC

The contributor for Republica.

Waking up early is always the hardest part in everyone’s life. This relative element of time waits for no one. Time as stated by Einstein himself is relative. An hour doing something you like and enjoy seems to go faster than the hour spent doing nothing.

Let’s get back to the morning. It’s 5 o’clock and the alarm on your phone is blaring as loudly as it can. You wake up hastily and make your way up the stairs to the kitchen counter. The tea you started to brew is slowly changing color and as is the sun seen from the kitchen window.

Classes in the morning are always filled with students who aren’t completely awake yet with everyone yawning and rubbing their eyes. The teacher enters like an ember ready to spark joy and knowledge in others. And as stated, the relative element of time passes ever so slowly throughout the day. Assignments, reports, presentations load-up time goes on ever so slowly throughout the day.

Time is up and students start packing their stuff. We walk through the corridors down the stairs out the protected walls and into the open world. Horns trumpeting, vendors yelling, bikes running here and there, buses leaving, the outside world is chaotic. The sun which has passed the zenith gives you unfathomable amount of heat that sweat starts dripping from your forehead. Your destination is near now but the distance relative to you seems shorter as you walk the same path every day.

You enter inside and a cold chill of the air conditioner hits you on the face. The transmitter in the back room is humming in the same rhythm and as you take off your bag you realize how much work has piled up. Even though you are a student there are some commodities your family can’t afford and just to cut the relative element of time you take to reach everywhere you work here as to save up for those two wheels. The chief calls you just as you were checking in and you show them the designs you’ve been working on. The clock starts ticking as you sit down the big blue table, unzip the cover on your laptop and start stretching the small adjustments on the designs you’ve been working on. Arguments, explanations, projects and finally time completes its journey throughout the day.

Finally, it’s time to retire from this busy schedule where sometimes this element of time runs slowly and sometimes more quickly than you anticipated. As you fall on your bed you start to crave for a presence of someone. This is the point where you start to question this limited element of time that you’ve got. As dusk begins to get engulfed by the darkness of the night the time in your hand slows down again. The busy schedule that you’ve been following limits your interaction with people. You’ve grown and by this time you must develop feeling for the opposite gender.

But you are in a big dilemma. The schedule has forced you to develop a lifestyle where you don’t have this feeling for anyone. The limited interaction now takes you back to your past whenever you want to search for someone. But the past is even more jumbled as you did not peruse this path with anyone. Still you try as much as you can but nothing seems to work. We all say that time is relative because time with a certain person seems to go much faster.

As stars sparkle in the clear night sky, you start to think even deeper about everything. The loneliness in your hands is very hard to kill. The conversation with people from your past decays as fast as it began. You won’t believe how fast this element of time goes by even though people say its moves steadily. The human mind is designed in such a way that we perceive the flow sometimes steadily and sometimes rapidly.

Though it seems in this situation that my time is steady but today or tomorrow this hand will grip someone’s hand, maybe from the past or the future and will boost the relative speed with my element of time.

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