The must follow rules of royal wedding in England

Published On: May 18, 2018 03:54 PM NPT By: Agencies

With just one day to go, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are probably experiencing some wedding jitters right, but spare a thought for their 600 guests.

It’s a stressful (if not wonderfully privileged) situation to find yourself in. You have to think about getting to Windsor, where to park, where to stay, and where to find an an ironing board to realign that annoying kink in your suit.

hen there are all the rules about etiquette, which the royal family are real sticklers for.

So here are some handy pointers for all royal wedding guests to follow:

No opened toed shoes

Forget your favourite pair of peep toes and strappy Manolo sandals, guests cannot show their toes at the royal wedding, no matter what the weather.

No sky scrapper heels

Guests must refrain from wearing too high heels. Ladies (and men) should wear a demure heel, which might sound rather old fashioned, but it’s actually very sensible.

At least everyone will be in comfortable footwear, and there won’t be pictures of people sinking into grassy verges, limping, or sitting on pavements to rub their heels.

No coloured tights

Nude tights only. Hopefully, the sun will be shining meaning people won’t have to wear tights at all.

Never leave before the Queen

The Queen leads the whole wedding so take your cues from her. You don’t leave the chapel until the Queen does.

This also goes for eating. If the Queen hasn’t stopped eating, you don’t stop eating. If the Queen has stopped, you stop.

Which makes us think that the Queen must be an exceptionally slow eater and will be exhausted by the end of the day after babysitting 600 people.

No talking to the press

It’s a given, really. If you’re invited to the wedding, you’re a trusted confidant of the crown and therefore won’t speak to the press. It’s social suicide if you do.

No phones or selfies

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been applauded for their modern approach to the wedding, but Meghan Markle will not be taking a selfie at the head of the aisle (wouldn’t that be great) and neither will the rest of her guests, anywhere at the wedding.

Hats at all times

Hats are compulsory for all guests at the wedding, but a style isn’t specified. Philip Tracey is always a safe bet, even if his designs are sometimes a little outlandish.

Use the loo between 9am and 11am

Basically, pee before the ceremony, because facilities are going to be scarce on the day. You don’t want to be the person to interrupt the royal wedding by sneaking out a very creaky church door at the back of the chapel.

Cover your arms and legs

Men should wear ‘morning dress’ including a waistcoat, jacket and tie in either black or grey.

Women should have their arms covered and their dresses should reach their knees.

Whatever happens, don’t wear white!

Don’t get too tiddly

Heaven forbid you’re five Pimms down when you’re suddenly confronted with meeting a very sober Queen.

No presents

Prince Harry and Meghan have asked for charity donations instead of presents at their wedding, but if you do want to send a gift, then don’t bring it wrapped to the wedding – please post to their home address.

And that’s it, not too difficult to comprehend right? Basically, just be on your BEST behaviour and remember your please and thank yous.

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