The leaders have forgotten us: Martyr families

Published On: November 4, 2017 03:16 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Nov 3: The family members of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the 10-year long Maoist insurgency are not happy with the candidates contesting the upcoming parliamentary and provincial elections to be conducted simultaneously on November 26 and December 7. 

According to them, those who were part of the war but stayed underground and didn't have to lose their loved ones dominate politics these days. They lament that the blood shed by their loved ones have gone in vain. “During the war, they tried to keep us as close as their family because they wanted us to fight for their motives,” said Ajay Gharti Magar of Thabang who lost his father Tejman Gharti Magar in the Maoist war.  He accused the high level political leaders of being selfish. “They were afraid of death. That's why they put forward the innocent citizens to become scapegoats,” he says.

According to the locals, high level leaders rose to power by stepping on the dead bodies of the innocent and now they have forgotten everything. In 2004, Tejman who was then an advisor to the party was arrested and later killed by Nepal Army. “If my father had not died, he would have been a popular leader by now. Since his death, everything came to an end for us,” Ajay said. His family members are really disappointed with the nominees of the upcoming polls.

 Ajay, the only son of Tejman, also sustained serious injuries during the war. He lost one of his hands in the war and can hardly perform physicals tasks. The financial condition of the family is deteriorating day by day. However, there are many more families of martyrs who have been neglected by society and government.

“We don't expect them to look after us forever but they should hear our grievances and try to solve them at least during elections,” said Ajay, adding, “We know they don't need us anymore as they have already got what they wanted but we want them to fulfill their promises.”

The government should make efforts for the development and progress of education and health in the village, they say. “We can't expect them to give us opportunity in the federal and provincial polls when they didn't give us a chance in the local elections,” Ajay added. With his broken hand, he has been earning for the education and food of his three sisters and three daughters.   

In Rolpa, as many as 970 people lost their lives in the war while 33 are still missing. As per the details of Local Peace Committee, there are more than 1,000 injured in the district. However, there 

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