The Essentials with Raveena Deshraj Shrestha

Published On: October 21, 2016 09:20 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

General Manager of Mega Bank and a mother of two sons, Raveena Deshraj Shrestha is a driven woman who pays implicit attention to style. Despite her hectic schedule she took some time out to speak to The Week about the luxury essentials she can’t do without. 


She owns a Kia Sportage which she considers her ultimate luxury essential as it enables her to navigate her way through the city. She creates her own world inside the SUV, a sanctuary to escape the stress of her work where she listens to the music and has a good, relaxed time. It makes sure that she doesn’t have to rely on anybody else to go places and it makes her feel very much in control of her life.

Cell phone

She owns two phones, a Samsung S7 and an iPhone 6s Plus, both of which she needs for her daily life. She uses them for both personal and professional reasons, and sending emails on the go has never been this easy. It also enables her to keep up with the news as well as her social networking sites. The big screen of the iPhone 6s Plus gives her the luxury to get much done without feeling the need to pull out her laptop. A bigger screen also makes it easier to read on the go without having to squint and put pressure on the eyes.


Who doesn’t like a good fragrance? Raveena likes to keep it fresh with a clean, crisp, slightly floral smell. Her two favorite fragrances are Chance by Chanel and L’Eau de Chloe by Chloé. There is something about smelling good that gives you extra confidence even when you aren’t feeling all that great. 



“A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. It lifts you physically and emotionally.” – Christian Louboutin.--- Adhering to these wise words, she owns great many pairs of shoes ranging from brands like Aldo, Steve Madden, Zara and Jimmy Choo. 


She has a fetish for sunglasses and has lots from different designers. She picks a different one every day depending on her mood but she makes sure she never leaves the house without a pair in her bag. She finds choosing a favorite one almost impossible and admits that though she has a vast collection, she still splurges on sunglasses whenever she can.

Body care 

Pollution levels in the city are off the charts and she is extra conscious about taking care of herself. She uses keratin rich shampoo so that her hair doesn’t become dry and brittle. 

She was ecstatic when Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret started becoming available in the local market. She doesn’t have to stuff her suitcase with these products when she returns from a trip abroad. She believes their body lotions and hand creams to be absolutely sensational. “From the fragrance to the way it makes my skin feel, I absolutely love these products,” she said.


She believes that a bag can make a statement and define the look you are going for. It adds flair to uplift and complete your ensemble. She owns handbags from different designers and cannot pick a favorite one. She believes that purses are like friends; you can never have too many!

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