The clash of the titans

Published On: September 2, 2016 12:05 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Some readers equate fantasy with hobbits and magic wardrobes. Others conjure images of wizards and witches. That’s the beauty of this genre that thrives on the creation of new worlds, species and systems. While everyone often has a favorite, fantasy fanatics seem to be unable to decide between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Reya Shreya Rai did the unthinkable and made some choose. Here are their answers (and a surprise too!). 

It all started with a single book, wrapped carefully and given to me when I was 11. Harry Potter is my entire childhood hidden among the pages and between the lines. It was my companion when the silence was too painful and also the light that glowed in my room at 12 at night. The thing I liked most about Harry Potter (and still do) is its depth. It’s not just a cliché fandom, about one seemingly nerdy boy with specks although it may seem like it. It’s about companionship, the power of love and most of all, finding hope even in the worst of situations. This is what I needed most when I was growing up. It is a retreat, a different reality where everything is possible yet nothing is possible too. Now though I’m too old to still linger in Harry Potter, it is still my safe haven – a blissful escape from reality.

Shuvekshya Limbu

Game of Thrones became quite popular among my peers, but to be honest, I didn’t find it very interesting at first. Whatever I had heard had made it seem like all about politics and over-the-top nudity. But when people started talking about it being rather fascinating with plot twists, I wanted to judge the book by myself so I gave it a shot. GOT has politics and action that will make you sit on the edge of your seat and characters that can make you fall under their charm. Even the youngest of characters like Arya Stark has such power and charisma that you can’t help but be enthralled and captivated. GOT will make you pity the characters you were wished dead just a few chapters before they inevitably die. It has so many twists and turns that it casts a spell and you have no option but to sit back and enjoy what unfolds with every new chapter. 

Sparsh Shakya

I love Game of Thrones. It gives a medieval era war vibe and quenches my love for the mythical creatures that reside in the mystical lands. It reminds me of my favorite movies like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The story takes place in a kingdom where noble families compete for the Iron Throne of The Seven Kingdoms. The one who sits on the throne shall rule them all so the clashes occur. My favorite clan is the Stark. They are like the wolves that aren’t afraid to take on strong opponents. In Game of Thrones, you can’t really predict what will happen next. The author makes us anticipate what might happen next, why it will happen and so on. Each word transfers me to a land of surrealism and helps me enjoy vicious wars of the clans and magnificent creatures of imagination. The thrill is just far too great. Game of Thrones always leaves me wondering and lost in a different world. 

Aaron Shrestha

I would choose Hunger Games because it is one of the best dystopian trilogies that I’ve ever read. This novel is about a girl names Katniss Everdeen who lives in a world where the Capital dominates the districts and renders it hard for its people to survive without the basic freedoms. I feel that this is eerily relatable to many nations in reality around the world as well. Katniss and her determination to keep calm and strive to save her people from the wrongdoings of the system are what keep you hooked to the books. It just takes the idea of women empowerment to a whole new level. It encourages the younger generation, especially girls, to fight for their rights and freedom and learn to differentiate between what is right and wrong. This series is not just fantasy. It is a thriller that makes you literally shiver with fear and curiosity, and that’s an added bonus.

Isha Bhusal

For me, it would definitely have to be Harry Potter because I have grown up in sync with Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts. Personally, I believe the books strike a chord with many readers because though they were full of spells, charms and conjuring things out of thin air, the author kept everything else as real as possible. In a series of seven amazingly ordered sequence of events, Rowling packed a bunch of emotions, lessons, and memories that will haunt us forever. Also, this book is a part of my childhood and no other book/series could ever take its place. I guess this is also the reason why many Harry Potter fans (who are now in their 20’s or 30’s) still live in that Harry Potter World somehow by spending hours discussing theories, hypothetical situations, and writing or reading fan fiction.

Neha Subedi

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