Sneha’s Care Foundation: A home to stray dogs

Published On: May 24, 2017 02:20 PM NPT By: Prabin Koirala

KATHMANDU, May 8: Sneha’s Care Foundation was established by Sneha Shrestha with a view to providing protection for stray dogs that have been reduced to live a difficult life on the streets. 

Located at Bhanjyang  in Lalitpur district close to Jalbihar temple, it has been taking care of stray dogs  collected in her foundation for two years now.

Sneha wasn’t very fond of dogs. Her husband, Abhisekh Subedi loved dogs and had brought two puppies home. Even then, she wasn’t really bothered about them but then one of the puppies died. Those dogs used to live at a kennel outside their garage and one of them had died due to negligence.

This made her feel very guilty and her love for dogs began to grow. She then adopted a puppy and named it ‘Jara’.

Sneha and ‘Jara’ shared a very strong bond. ‘Jara’ followed Sneha everywhere; Sneha would take ‘Jara’ for morning walks. ‘Jara’ would patiently wait for Sneha when she was away for work or other purposes every day.

It was after ‘Jara’, who died after being poisoned inhumanely,  that Sneha began her outreach to street dogs.  In the memory of her dog, she began giving biscuits to street dogs she met and provided them with care and affection.

She had also performed 13 days death ritual in the name of ‘Jara’.

She started taking care of street dogs thereafter. She used to pay Rs. 250 to Kennel Club, an organization for canine affairs that concerns itself with the breeding, showing and promotion of more than one breed of dog, every day. When she realized she could do more, she started her own Sneha’s care Foundation, which has around 105 dogs under rehabilitation today.

Around 80 per cent of her of her own business goes to Sneha’s Care while others are collected from donations.                                                      

Sneha believes that every dog deserves affection and love. She suggests everyone to take care of dogs around their community and not to harm them.



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