Five Madhesi parties reach merger agreement, party unification to be declared today

Published On: April 20, 2017 08:44 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, April 13: After a long series of discussions, five Madhesi parties making up a larger portion of Madhesi Front have reached merger agreement.

They are set to declare party unification today, according to Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party(TMDP) Vice-chairman Hridayash Tripathi.

The five parties that have agreed to be unified into a single party include Mahantha Thakur-led Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party(TMDP), Rajendra Mahato-led Sadbhavana Party(SP), Mahendra Raya Yadav-led Terai Madhes Sadbhavana Party, Sarat Singh Bhandari-led National Madhesh Socialist Party(NMSP) and Raj Kishore Yadav-led Madhesi People's Rights Forum-Republican(MPRF-R).

It has been learned that the name of new party will not contain the term “Madhes”. According to highly placed source, they have almost agreed to give  the unified party the name “Rastriya Janata Party”.

It has also been learned that umbrella will be the party’s symbol.

TMDP said that with the party unification, the Madhesi movement would take a new height gaining new momentum.

According to him, group leadership will be the mode of party operation.  

The unification ceremony will take place at Amrit Bhog Party Palace located at Kalikasthan of the capital city, NMSP Secretary-General Keshav Jha told Republica Online.

The heavyweights of the five parties have decided to run the party under collective leadership and hold the meetings on rotational chairmanship basis starting from the chairmanship of TMDP chairman Mahanta Thakur  in the first meeting of the unified party.According to the decision they reached, central level party leaders from the five parties will maintain the same position in the new party until a national conference is held for new leadership.

After the unification, the new party will have altogether 23 lawmakers in the Legislature- Parliament.

It has been learned that the leaders of the five parties are still trying their best to convince Anil Jha-led Nepal Sadbhavana Party to join the new party.

A High Level Political Committee made up of all the vice-chairmen and assistant vice-chairmen from the five parties, a Secretariat composed of all the secretary-generals and assistant secretary generals from the five parties and Fund Mobilization Committee consisting of all the treasurers and assistant treasurers from the five parties will be formed to address the position row.




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