Six annoying scenes inside movie hall

Published On: December 9, 2016 11:30 PM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

We have experienced many movie marathons in our lifetime. It could be in our home studios, laptops, or going for morning shows during college days when the tickets are cheap. We have been annoyed, irritated and snapped the other person for not having a proper manner. I went for a movie and experienced all of the above.

The person sitting next to you cannot stop using their phones

The lights are annoying and the other one does not realize that they are checking the time every 10 minutes. Why would anyone want to watch a movie if they are so impatient or are not enjoying the movie?

People come late and try to find their seats 
This is especially annoying when their seats happen to be right next to yours. The confusion of the seats gets you distracted as the staff and the viewer are trying to find their seat, and discussing about it. Sometimes they ask how much or what they’ve missed, engaging you in another useless conversation.

The rush to enter and leave the hall
The movie hall opens for the customers and everyone one rushes in with the feeling that they are going to miss the start. There are also times when people want to leave the hall as soon as the movie ends, pushing others and hurrying as if they’d be trapped inside the movie hall.

People who receive calls during the movie
There are some who forget to put their phone on silent mode, but then they keep on talking for five minutes about work, or catch up with the other person even after mentioning that they are watching a movie.

What do I eat? 
During intervals or before the movie, there are people who rush to get in the queue for their snacks but then keep on discussing with their friend on what to eat when their turn arrives to order. If you cannot decide what to buy, please step out from the counter.

Checking and confirmation
When someone else is sitting on your seat and you question about their ticket, they do not seem to find it and do not accept that they are on the wrong seat. There are also times when double booking is done and the seats are sold to two customers or the billing of refreshments is wrong. One needs to recheck the receipts for confirmation.

Shikha is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal.

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