Sita Air resumes flights in Kathmandu-Taplejung sector

Published On: January 24, 2023 11:00 AM NPT By: Khagendra Adhikari

TAPLEJUNG, Jan 24: Sita Air has resumed Kathmandu-Taplejung-Kathmandu flights at Suketar Airport in Taplejung.

Angad Yadav, Suketar Airport Station Chief of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, informed Republica that the flights, which were suspended for some time, have resumed from Monday.

Earlier, flights were said to resume from January 18, but due to cloudy and foggy weather, the flights could not be resumed According to Shri Prasad Khadka, head of Sita Air's ticket booking counter at Taplejung, Kathmandu-Taplejung-Kathmandu flights will be operated on each Monday,  Wednesday and Friday.

According to him, the airfare has been reduced and adjusted. According to Khadka, the fare from Taplejung to Kathmandu including airport tax is Rs 9,100 per person and Kathmandu-Taplejung is Rs 9,300.

Due to the fact that the airport tax has become more expensive during the Kathmandu-Taplejung journey, it has been found that the fare has also become more expensive by 200 rupees for Kathmandu-Taplejung than Taplejung-Kathmandu.

For foreign nationals, Sita Air has set the fare rate for Kathmandu-Taplejung at 212 US dollars. Meanwhile, Sita Air will also fly Taplejung-Bhadrapur-Taplejung sector every Wednesday.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal’s Suketar Airport Station Chief Yadav, a schedule has been prepared for Taplejung-Bhadrapur-Taplejung flights from here on Wednesday. The Sita Air flight from Kathmandu to Suketar will take passengers from Suketar to Bhadrapur and will return to Suketar Airport after picking up passengers from there. 

According to Sita Air ticket booking counter at Taplejung, the air fare from Suketar to Bhadrapur is fixed at Rs 5,385 per person including airport tax. Nepal Airlines has been flying Kathmandu-Taplejung-Kathmandu four days a week.

Lokendra Hangam Limbu, station in-charge of Nepal Airlines Corporation at Taplejung, said that now a schedule has been made to fly Suketar-Biratnagar-Suketar once a week, but the schedule has not been made public yet.

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