TAPLEJUNG, April 18: The district of Taplejung has received significant investment in hydropower projects in the Tamor River, the main river in the district, and other rivers.

TAPLEJUNG, March 20: Two houses were gutted in a fire incident that occurred in Taplejung on Tuesday.

FUNGLING, Dec 9: A house in Fungling municipality, the district headquarters of Taplejung, was destroyed in a fire that took place early this morning. As a result, property worth five hundred thousand rupees was destroyed.

PHUNGLING, Oct 31: More than 8,000 pilgrims visited the famous religious site, Pathibhara, located at altitude of 3,794 meters from sea level. It is in Taplejung, a hilly district in the east of Nepal.

TAPLEJUNG, Oct 4: More than 65,000 people have registered for national identity cards in Taplejung.

PHUNGLING, Aug 27: The Tiptala transit at Olangchung Gola in Taplejung district has remained closed for the past four years, affecting the local people in many ways ranging from halting the trade between the local people and neighboring China and limiting their mobility.

TAPLEJUNG, Aug 3: Red sandalwood, which has been stored in a warehouse of Taplejung for about the past 15 years, has not been managed till date.

64 houses at Odak to be evacuated

July 16, 2023 12:24 pm

TAPLEJUNG, July 16: Sixty-four households at Odak of Maiwakhola Rural Municipality-4 in Taplejung are to be evacuated to safety.  The settlement has been facing a constant risk of floods and landslides for two weeks due to monsoon rains.

TAPLEJUNG, July 6: The District Monitoring Committee has instructed private hospitals and medical shops in Taplejung, which are operating without approval, to obtain approval by the end of the current financial year.

TAPLEJUNG, June 21: A man allegedly killed his spouse by hitting her with a piece of firewood at Sirijunga rural municipality-3 in Taplejung.

TAPLEJUNG, June 20: Search for those missing in the landslide that occurred at Mehele of Sidingba rural municipality-6 in Taplejung on Saturday night is underway.

TAPLEJUNG, June 19: One more person from Sidingwa rural municipality-6, Mehele in Taplejung due to a landslide that occurred last night as a result of incessant rainfall on Saturday night.

TAPLEJUNG, June 18: In the search operation conducted in Ward No-6 Mehele of Sidingwa Rural Municipality of Taplejung district, the dead body of 30 year old Ganesh Tamang, who was among the missing, has been recovered.

TAPLEJUNG, June 18: Four people have gone missing in a landslide triggered by incessant rainfall in Sidingwa Rural Municipality in Taplejung on Saturday night.

TAPLEJUNG, May 27: A house has been destroyed by fire in Phungling Municipality Ward No 8 Dokhu of Taplejung.

TAPLEJUNG May 19: A man who had gone to his grandfather's farm in Taplejung’s Mikwakhola Municipality-1 Khokling, Kerabari, has been missing for three days since being swept away by a river.

PHUNGLING, May 3: Highlands in Taplejung received a snowfall coupled with rains on Monday and Tuesday. Ghunsa, Phale, Olangchung Gola and Yanga of Phaktanglung rural municipality witnessed the snowfall. According to Tasi Chhiring Sherpa of Ghunsa, the snowfall occurred in the area last night, too.

PHUNGLING, April 24: Reaching the Pathibhara Devi Temple in Taplejung, one of the holy shrines of the country, through a hardship-filled journey relieves the pilgrims and tourists. Pilgrims and devotees have a belief that one’s wishes get fulfilled by worshiping at the temple.

Taplejung, April 3: Two men were found dead in two different places in Taplejung.

Earthquake tremors felt in Taplejung

March 29, 2023 09:48 am

KATHMANDU, March 29: Tremors of earthquake were felt in the eastern mountainous districts in Nepal on Tuesday night.

Man shot dead

March 28, 2023 12:31 pm

FUNGLING, March 28: Lalit Gurung,58, of Aathrai Tribeni Rural Municipality-3 Hangpang died on the spot after being shot by a shotgun while  hunting.

TAPLEJUNG, March 6: Senior ophthalmologist Dr Sanduk Ruit, known as the 'God of vision', has said that the prosperity of eastern Nepal is possible with good relations and trade promotion with China.

Taplejung, Feb 15: The District Health Office, Taplejung, has concluded that the number of people taking the booster dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 is very low and that people should be encouraged to take the booster dose.

FUNGLIN, Feb 13: A mild earthquake has hit Taplejung district this morning with the epicenter at Olangchungola in Faktanglung Rural Municipality-7 of Taplejung.

TAPLEJUNG, Jan 24: Sita Air has resumed Kathmandu-Taplejung-Kathmandu flights at Suketar Airport in Taplejung.

TAPLEJUNG, Jan 17: Finally, the water from the Dadhele source of Fawakhola in Fungling Municipality-11, was supplied to a tank at the Pathibhara Temple in Taplejung using the 'lifting' technique on Tuesday morning. The temple is situated at an altitude of 3,794 meters from sea level.

Court clears six people of rape charge

January 6, 2023 12:57 pm

Taplejung, Jan 6: Six people from Taplejung who were sent to prison on the charge of raping and sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl have been cleared of the charges.

TAPLEJUNG, Dec 28: A fire that broke out on Wednesday morning in Ward No-1 Thinglabu, Meringden Rural Municipality, Taplejung, destroyed three houses.

Flying drones banned in Pathivara area

December 22, 2022 16:15 pm

PHUNGLING, Dec 22: Flying drones in and around Pathivara, a famous sacred place in Taplejung district, has been banned.

TAPLEJUNG, Nov 23: CPN-UML Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai is trailing behind the coalition candidate Khel Prasad Budhakshetri of the CPN (Maoist Center). Budhakshetri is leading Bhattarai with 400 votes.

TAPLEJUNG, Nov 21: The vote counting in Taplejung has been delayed as helicopter companies expressed inability to airlift the ballot boxes from remote areas in the district.

TAPLEJUNG, Nov 20: Voting has been temporarily halted in Phubari polling station at ward 2 of Atharai Tribeni Rural Municipality of Taplejung due to a clash between cadres of the ruling coalition and CPN-UML.

TAPLEJUNG, Nov 14: It has been recommended to the Election Commission (EC) to bring the ballot boxes of four polling stations in remote areas of Taplejung to the main election office by a helicopter.

KATHMANDU, Nov 9: CPN-UML Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai is a candidate for the House of Representatives from Taplejung for the second time. Khel Prasad Budhakshetri, the candidate of the CPN (Maoist Center) who had helped him earlier, has become a big challenge for him. In the last parliamentary election, there was a left alliance of UML and Maoist Centre.

TAPLEJUNG, Oct 19: Four people have died in a tractor accident in Maiwakhola Rural Municipality of Taplejung.

Taplejung, Oct 11: As many as 736 temporary police personnel have been selected from Taplejung for the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives (HoR) and provincial assemblies.

TAPLEJUNG, Oct 3: Jewelry along with 1.2 million in cash were looted from the IME branch located at Birendra Chowk in Fungling, Taplejung headquarters.

TAPLEJUNG, Sept 15: Three local bodies of Taplejung have entered into an agreement with the National Land Commission with the aim of providing land to landless squatters, landless Dalits and disorganized residents. With this, all nine municipalities and rural municipalities of the district have signed an agreement with the National Land Commission.

TAPLEJUNG, August 22: There are indications that the majority of Taplejung candidates in the local level elections who did not submit their expenses details will miss the opportunity to explain within the 7-day clarification deadline given by the Election Commission (EC). As only a relatively small number of candidates appeared with explanations and justifications, the District Election Office requested them not to miss this opportunity.

TAPLEJUNG, August 20: CPN (Unified Socialist) Taplejung District Chapter, has unanimously recommended the names of the candidates for the direct and proportional representation for the Provincial Assembly and House of Representatives (HoR) elections scheduled for November 20.

TAPLEJUNG, August 17: Phaktanglung Rural Municipality has written to the District Administration Office, Tapelejung to take initiative to open the Tiptala border crossing point in the northern Taplejung in order to make the daily life of the Nepali residents in the border area easier. The crossing point has remained closed for four years.

TAPLEJUNG, July 27: Six people who were under investigation on the charges of sexually abusing two girls aged 11 and 14, respectively, and human trafficking and transportation have been remanded into judicial custody for investigation into the cases.

TAPLEJUNG, July 22: A woman has died after being physically assaulted by her husband in Taplejung. The 54-year-old Kanchimaya Limbu of Phungling Municipality-9, Hangdeva died as a result of the physical assault of her husband.

Young man drowns in river

July 20, 2022 11:50 am

TAPLEJUN, July 20: A young man of Kavrepalanchok who works at United Hydropower located in Ward No. 4 of Meringden Rural Municipality of Taplejung drowned in a river. The deceased is 28/29-year-old Tirtha Tamang of Kavrepalanchok.

Fire breaks out in Taplejung

July 18, 2022 12:59 pm

TAPLEJUNG, July 17: A fire broke out in Meringden Rural Municipality, Taplejung on Monday morning. The fire destroyed the house of Local Dawa Sherpa in Santhakra, Meringden Rural Municipality-2.

TAPLEJUNG, July 11: A youth has died in Taplejung's Sidingwa after being struck by a huge boulder rolling down a hill while digging the track for a road.

Seven injured in car accident

July 1, 2022 16:20 pm

TAPLEJUNG, July 1: A Bolero car met with an accident in Taplejung on Friday.

TAPLEJUNG, June 20: An unfortunate incident of fire has taken place in Taplejung — a district that was already grappling with the losses caused by floods and landslides.

PHUNGLING, June 19: Eight houses have been washed away by landslides in Taplejung. The landslides were triggered by continuous rainfall since the past few days.

TAPLEJUNG, June 17: Two persons of a family have gone missing in a landslide that occurred last night at Khewang village in Sirijunga Rural Municipality-7, Taplejung.