Singing bowl therapy to balance body’s chakras

Published On: August 15, 2016 09:54 AM NPT By: Sandhya Ghimire

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: The meditation style of the Tibetan Singing Bowl might be new to some of us but it is an ancient Buddhist sound therapy technique. Here, singing bowls are used to produce different frequencies of sound that interact with our body’s energy levels to help the body calm and relax.   

Anyone who wants to take a day off from their hectic schedule and try this form of relaxation, the Himalayan Bowl therapy session at the Hyatt Regency can provide you a much needed respite.

The session takes place in a meditation room that’s enveloped with a dark yet calming ambience. Many singing bowls of different sizes are placed on the parquet floor. These bowls are alloys of seven different metals that resemble the seven color bands of the rainbow. The room’s atmosphere is heightened even more by candles that give off a sweet aroma.

The therapy unfolds through two main positions. First is the sitting position where participants sit cross-legged and take deep breaths. As the eyes shut, sound from the singing bowl bounce towards our ears in different frequencies creating 3-D like effect.

Next is the lying position, which is concerned with the revolving chakras of our body. Bowls are placed on the different chakras of our body- the lower abdomen, belly, chest and forehead. The bowls are then rung one by one which fosters vibrations and a feeling of lightness.

The hour long euphoric experience culminates as you rub your palms together and gently apply the heat of your palms to press your eyes and allow them to slowly open.

This spiritual therapy enriches our clarity and leaves us with a feeling of calmness. Accompanied by trained therapists, this is an experience recommended for people of all ages.  

You can try the Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy at Hyatt Regency in Bouddha. The rate for one session is Rs 5000 per person (includes taxes).

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