Rural municipality announces 'one home, one job' policy

Published On: February 4, 2018 03:45 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Feb 3:  A recent announcement by Mahashila Rural Municipality to provide a job to at least one member of each unemployed family has garnered appreciation from the locals.
By organizing a press meet on Saturday, the rural municipality announced to provide employment to 600 people of the village in the first phase. Raju Prasad Poudel, chairperson of Mahashila said that the locals will be provided various kinds of skill development trainings and then will be deployed at their workstations. 

"As of now, we have assured jobs for 600 locals and few more people will get jobs in the second phase," said Chairperson Poudel. Of nearly 2,200 families in Mahashila, 1,000 are unemployed, according to the rural municipality. Locals will be provided with training in plumbing, forest management, bank, teaching, health worker, agriculture officer, tea and cardamom farming among others.

After the completion of the three-month training, they will be sent to their workplaces. "They will have to work for 15 days a month for which they will be provided with Rs 6, 000," said Chairperson Poudel. The rural municipality on Sunday will publish a notice seeking trainers with expertise in various fields. During the training period, the trainees will be provided Rs. 3,000 each a month and Rs.25 per day for lunch.

The rural municipality has sanctioned a budget of Rs.9.5 million for the training. In fiscal year 2018/19, the job appointees will also get a life insurance of at least Rs. 500,000 each. 
The rural municipality is planning to spend 50% money from of its fund for 'one home, one job' campaign. A development co-operative will be formed for its' log term sustainability. Not just the rural municipality but also the locals will have a share in the co-operative. As per the provision of the rural municipality, all employed members of the family need to have a minimum yearly income of Rs 60,000.

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