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Parbat Hospital is sick, patients compelled to go to other districts

Published On: February 10, 2019 03:49 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Feb 9: As the health department fails to distribute 70 different types of free medicines assured by the government, patients visiting Parbat District Hospital continue to struggle with their illnesses.

UPDATE: Seven killed in Parbat bus accident

Published On: January 17, 2019 11:05 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

The death toll of Parbat bus mishap has climbed to seven.

217 monkeys caged for destroying farmers’ crops

Published On: November 2, 2018 07:12 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Nov 2: As many as 217 monkeys have been caught and caged in Mahashila Rural Municipality of Parbat district after they destroyed farmers’ crops. Although it might sound odd, the local unit actually mobilized a team to catch and cage the monkeys by allocating a budget of Rs 300,000.

Family grief-stricken due to sudden death of youth in Saudi Arabia

Published On: October 11, 2018 04:00 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Oct 11: The unexpected death of a youth of Bihadi Rural Municipality-1, Parbat in Saudi Aarabia has left the whole village grief-stricken and suspicious.

Rural municipality launches 'one home, one employment' campaign

Published On: May 9, 2018 12:32 PM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

370 people to be provided with training for 18 different jobs

Villages flourishing, headquarters losing charm

Published On: March 3, 2018 07:19 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, March 3: There was a time when the locals of all 55 VDCs of Parbat had to reach the district headquarters Kushma even for minor recommendations or administrative work. Each time they reached the headquarters, they had to stay there at least for one day. Many people used to come here for business purpose as well. However, after the formation of the local government, the movement of people has decreased significantly in Kushma.

Rural municipality announces 'one home, one job' policy

Published On: February 4, 2018 03:45 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Feb 3:  A recent announcement by Mahashila Rural Municipality to provide a job to at least one member of each unemployed family has garnered appreciation from the locals.

A man who has conducted over 2,000 postmortems

Published On: December 20, 2017 03:00 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Dec 20: Dissecting human bodies is not an easy job. In fact, it takes a strong-hearted and daring person to conduct a postmortem. In the beginning, Ram Bahadur Damai of Kushma, Tanahun, found it disgusting to chop the organs of human bodies as directed by the doctors. But later, he got used to it.

Uncover promising cultural sites

Published On: December 6, 2017 08:26 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

The nature and culture of a place play a vital role in the development of that area. Both the factors not only contribute to tourism but also give identity to the local residents. Nepal is blessed with cultural and natural beauty, while many parts of this Himalayan nation have yet to be explored. Several small tourist destinations are in dire need of promotion as well as endorsements so as to attract a large number of tourists. Here are some details about the cultural sites in Khotang, Parbat and Syangja.

Government vehicle used in political campaign

Published On: November 15, 2017 05:45 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Nov 15: Many political parties in Parbat are conducting their poll campaigns by going against the election code of conduct set by the Election Commission (EC).

Ward chairman rakes in moolah from cow farming

Published On: November 6, 2017 03:30 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Nov 6: Cow farming is working wonders for a local representative here. Subash Chandra Paudel, chairperson to Ward no 7 of the Kushma Municipality, performs his duties at the ward office during office hours and spends rest of time in his cow farm.

Whole village lured into vegetable farming

Published On: October 16, 2017 02:30 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Oct 16: By putting aside all other professions, locals of Mahashila Rural Municipality ward no 5 of Kahule in Parbat district have engaged themselves in vegetable farming which has proved to be a major source of income for many.

Over 400 students deprived of drinking water

Published On: October 12, 2017 05:30 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, Oct 12: Every year, the District Coordination Committee and the District Drinking Water and Sanitation Division Office (DDWSDO), Rolpa, publicize a report showing the increase in people's access to drinking water in Kushma Municipality. However, that's not the real picture as more than 400 students in the district are struggling for drinking water in their school for years.

Man dies of electric shock

Published On: July 22, 2017 05:40 PM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, July 22: A 22-year-old man died due to electric shock at Modi-3 Rural Municipality, Deupur in the district. Khagraj KC, a resident of Kushma-1, Pang, was electricuted to death while he was replacing a wooden electric pole with a metal one as the mishap claimed his life.

Two people missing

Published On: July 21, 2017 01:00 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, July 20: Dipendra Gaudel, an accountant at the Agriculture Development Bank's distict branch, Kushma has gone missing from his residence since July 6, family members said.

Four-decade-old Parbat irrigation project nears completion

Published On: July 18, 2017 04:45 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, July 17: Tek Bahadur GC of Mallaj of Jaljala Rural Municipality is happy that a four-decade old irrigation project is finally being completed. But he is equally worried at the sustainability of the project as the Irrigation Development Sub-Division will withdraw from the project once it is completed.

Nepal’s highest bridge at risk due to poor drainage

Published On: July 2, 2017 09:54 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, July 1: Poor management of drainage flowing alongside Kushma Bazaar has put the highest suspension bridge of Nepal in danger.

New working procedure affects irrigation projects in Parbat

Published On: June 27, 2017 12:50 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, June 27: More than a dozen irrigation projects in Parbat have not moved ahead because of a new working procedure prepared by the Department of Irrigation (DoI) which goes against the Public Procurement Act (PPA).

NC candidates for chief and deputy chief of Jaljala Rural Municipality emerge victorious

Published On: May 18, 2017 07:53 AM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, May 18: Nepali Congress(NC) candidate for chief of Jalajala Rural Municipality in Parbat district Yam Bahadur Malla has won the election with 3723 votes, compared to 3078 votes for his closest rival CPN-UML candidate Lal  Bahadur Adhikari.

NC registers victory in Paiyu

Published On: May 16, 2017 11:36 PM NPT By: Chabilal Tiwari

PARBAT, May 16: Nepali Congress (NC) has registered victory at Paiyu rural municipality.