Roadway completely damaged as local government remains unaware

Published On: July 18, 2021 01:57 PM NPT By: Republica

PARBAT, July 18: The incessant rain has severely damaged roadways connecting various districts inside the country. The road section  that connects Nagliwang and Luprang in Parbat has become very risky for public vehicles to pass as the roadway remains severely damaged. So far, ther road section has not been repaired which has put locals and travelers at risk.

According to the locals, the roadway that stretches for five kilometers has become dangerous to use. They have expressed their woes regarding the complete disregard by the local government toward any kind of repair of the road. The condition of the road is so bad that even an ambulance cannot make its way toward the hospital, locals said.

“Although we have heard about the rural municipality allocating a budget for the reconstruction of the roadway, no work has been done. The road is covered with mud and debris,” an local said. “The road becomes very muddy during the monsoon seasons. The potholes on the road have made it impossible for vehicles to pass. How long can we endure this problem? I hope the authorities concerned solve the problem at hand as soon as possible,” he added.

The damaged roadway has also halted the transportation of basic necessities. Massive holes in the roadway have caused vehicles to get stuck as well. “It takes a whole day if we travel by foot. I was devastated when I had to carry the loads all the way after our vehicles got stuck on the road,” a local of Luprang said. 

Hari Bikas GC, a people's representative of the rural municipality who cried out for road development as his main slogan during the election, has not shown any interest at the moment. “Our demands and cries for the development of the road to the people’s representatives have fallen on deaf ears,” a local driver said. According to the locals, the road has not seen any progress despite the presence of a local government for almost four years. The local authorities have only used dozers for reshaping and flattening the road despite the allocation of millions of rupees for road development.

Such problems on the road arise on a yearly basis. Local residents have been suffering due to the lack of proper road service. According to locals, the construction of a black-topped road in the rural municipality is a myth as the local authorities have not made any effort toward repairing one of the worst roadways in the municipality. Despite repeated complaints, the local government has only given assurances to the people.


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