Republic government fails to impress people even after 11 years

Published On: May 29, 2019 12:13 PM NPT By: Binod Subedi

BIRATNAGAR, May 29: Even 11 years after the end of the centuries-old monarchy and establishment of a federal republic order in Nepal, the people in the country seem unsatisfied with the growth and progress made.

The people lament that the changing governments failed to address their demands and uplift their living standards. They say their dreams and expectations have been shattered by all political parties which make lofty promises but fail to deliver.

Babulal Yadav of Biratnagar-4 says the establishment of democracy has not offered the expected respite to the people. According to him, every political change has benefited only the aristocrats and the political leaders. "Politicians who had nothing are currently living in mansions and traveling in expensive vehicles," said Yadav, adding, "But our lives have not changed even a bit." He laments that the growing inflation has taken its toll on their lives. 

Pashupati Ojha of Biratnagar-10, too, feels that the republic government has failed to address the demands of the people and live up to their expectations. "Not a single government formed after the introduction of republicanism has impressed the people," said Ojha. The growing corruption and violence have instead added to the miseries of the people, he added.  

Civil society leader Tek Bahadur Giri stated that only those in higher posts are enjoying democracy. The increasing unemployment and poverty have become quite challenging for the citizens and the government is doing nothing to control them, says Suresh Adhikari of Biratnagar-7. "Even if we find a job, it's hard for us to sustain our lives with the payment we receive," said Giri. 

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