Rautahat blast injured start coming in police contact after Alam’s arrest

Published On: October 20, 2019 06:45 AM NPT By: Madan Thakur

RAUTAHAT, Oct 20: The victims of the 2008 bomb blast in Rautahat district have started coming in the contact of Rautahat Police. 

The victims, who earlier chose not to speak openly about the incident for the fear of life, have started cooperating with the police after the arrest of Mohammad Aftab Alam, who was allegedly involved in the explosion and the subsequent murder of as many as many as 22 of those injured in the bomb blast.

Although the “main mastermind” of the bomb blast, Mohammad Aftab Alam has not said anything in interrogation, police have been collecting information from those injured in the blast. Police have already recorded the statements of two injured persons.

One of the injured is a resident of Sarlahi. The injured, who was near the house where the bomb blast occurred, has already recorded the statement to Rautahat Police. The person didn’t know that Alam’s men were making bombs in the house. 

The blast left the person seriously injured. The person received treatment at a hospital in Motihari, India for three months. As the person was not inside the house, Alam’s men didn’t notice the injured. Alam has been accused of throwing the injured into the furnace of a brick kiln to destroy evidence of the blast. 

Despite receiving treatment in India, the person is still not recovered fully. Other injured also received treatment at the same hospital in India. 

Of those injured, some are in contact of Rautahat Police. Police have not disclosed details of the contacts for security reasons.

On October 13, police arrested Alam, who is also a former minister, on the charge of his involvement in committing several murders in Rautahat district in April 2008. It was learnt that Alam’s men were making bombs to create terror in the Constituent Assembly elections in 2008 to secure Alam’s victory. 

District Police Office, Rautahat, is preparing to present Alam before the court on Sunday to extend the custody remand. Last Sunday, Rautahat District Court had remanded Alam for seven days in custody for further investigation into the case.

In this period, police and District Attorney Office tried to interrogate Alam twice. But Alam rejected to record his statement saying that he was sick. Alam’s supporters have said that he will be released on Sunday as there is no evidence of his involvement in the bomb blast.

A source at Rautahat Police said that the District Court will remand Alam into custody as he has been arrested following an order from the Supreme Court. On May 29, 2012, the Supreme Court, revoking the decision of the Office of Attorney General and District Attorney Office, had ordered to properly investigate the case.

District Attorney Office (DAO), Rautahat, back in 2008 had closed the case citing lack of evidence of the blast. Likewise, the Office of Attorney General had also upheld the decision of the DAO.

The investigation gained pace only after the Supreme Court, on June 27, asked for detailed information of the investigation from the DAO and DPO.

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