Province 7 ministers furnish property details

Published On: June 1, 2018 07:36 AM NPT By: DIL BAHADUR CHHATYAL

DHANGADHI, June 1: All the ministers of Province 7 have made public their property details. 
According to the property details disclosed by Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatta, he doesn’t own any house or land but has a loan of Rs 340,000. He however has Rs 70,000 in a bank, 1 tola gold and 15 tola silver. 

Bhatta has stated that his wife Durga Devi Bhatta owns 2.5 ropanis of land while his brother Shaligram Bhatta owns a house and 18 ropani of land at KI Singh Rural Municipality-6 of Doti.
 If the property details are anything to to go by, Minister for Internal Affairs and Planning Jhapat Bahadur Bohora is the richest minister in the province. He has savings of Rs 645,864, three cars, 40 tola gold, and shares worth more than Rs 75 million. Not just that, he owns 1598 square meters of land in Kathmandu Municipality Ward number 4, four ropanis of land in Godawari of Kailali and two kattha in Tikapur. His wife owns four kattha and 12 dhur land in Dhangadhi, four-kattha and 15 dhur land in Lamki Chuha Municipality 3, nine bigha land in Tikapur-9 and one ropani land in Kathmandu. Furthermore, he has 1 ropani of land in Godawari in the name of his son Krishna Bohara.

 Similarly, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Prakash Bahadur Shah has Rs 73,000 deposited in a bank, 52 tola of gold and 505 tola silver. He also has a shares of various companies worth Rs 465,100 and a scooter. His wife Laxmi Bhatta owns a house at Gothatar, Kathmandu. Moreover, she owns six kattha and eight dhur land in Dhangadhi Municipality ward number 4 and 1693.15 square meters of land in Kanchapur. He has also mentioned that his brother owns some land in Bajura. 

Likewise, Social Development Minister Dirgha Sodari has Rs 560,000 deposited in a bank, six tola gold, 20 tola silver and company shares worth Rs 2,000. His wife Gita Sodari owns 1 kattha and 1 dhur land in Dhangadhi-1 along with one ferro-concrete house and another house made of mud.

She also owns some 12 dhur land in the ward. As mentioned in the details, his father Lok Bahadur Sodari owns 15 kattha land and a house in Gauriganga, Kailali. He also owns a house and 4-ropani land in Mangalsen of Achham. He has been operating Bobby Masala Udyog in one of his houses. 
Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Development Pathan Singh Bohara has Rs 264,083 in savings, four tola gold, 0.5 kg silver and shares worth Rs 5,500. He has also mentioned that his wife and father own a large plot of land in Dadeldhura. Minister for Industry, Tourism and Environment Maya Bhatta has Rs 500,000 deposited in bank, a motorcycle, 15 tola gold and shares of various companies worth Rs 2 million. She also has one ropani land and a house at Dasharath Chand Municipality-5 of Baitadi.

Meanwhile, Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Co-operative, Binita Chaudhary, has stated that she has Rs 50,000 in personal savings, a motorcycle, 7 tola gold, 35 tola silver and shares worth Rs 62,500. Her husband Parshuram Chaudhary owns a house and 4-kattha and 1 dhur land in Bhajani Municipality 4 of Kailali.

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