Protesters demand justice for Krisala Chaudhary

Published On: August 15, 2021 02:59 PM NPT By: Republica

UDAYAPUR, August 15: Various organizations and local governments of Udayapur are staging protests to pressurize the local authorities to find the culprits behind the murder of 17-year-old Krisala Chaudhary, who was found dead 11 days ago. The protests began after the police authorities investigating the case failed to provide justice to the victim’s family even after such a long time.

Over the past few days, various organizations, local civil society bodies, students, youths and rights activists have staged protests in the district, to grab the attention of the police. Similarly, many people gathered in Gaighat to pay their respects to the deceased, while many students wrote letters to the police office to draw their attention to the case. 

Likewise, young students and children took part in a silent rally to demand the arrest of the culprit. Such rallies were carried out in various parts of the district to raise awareness of the incident. 

Earlier, various women associations had also released statements, demanding proper investigation into the case and to find the culprit as soon as possible. Also, many human rights organizations have demanded the same. 

According to Subash Chandra Bohara, Superintendent of Police (SP) of the district police office, an intense investigation into the incident is underway and the authorities are very close to catching the culprit. 

He said that the difficulty in identifying the decaying body are the factors for taking a long time in the investigation. As many as five people in suspicion of the crime are being questioned under custody of the police, Bohara said. The aim of the police is to find the culprit as soon as possible. However, a scientific investigation needs to be carried out in order to rule out the chances of charging an innocent person, he said.

The police are trying to find out how the incident took place, following the allegations from the victim’s family members and locals that Chaudhary was gang-raped and murdered. Kriisala went missing on July 28 and her dead body was found on August 3 in a decomposing state. The body was sent to the district hospital for a postmortem as it could not be identified at the moment.

The body was identified to be Krisala Chaudhary after her father Prem Kumar Chaudhary saw the watch, clothes and a necklace that were found with the dead body. According to police, although, people have speculated the incident to be a gang rape and murder, it has not been confirmed. 

According to locals, Krisala used to go out of contact for a few days with her family before she would return again. Due to this behaviour, her family did not search for her immediately when she went missing on June 28. “It does not matter how her manners and behaviors were because a child is a child. Who wouldn't be sad to lose their own daughter?” Prem Kumar Chaudhary asked.


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