Pine forests of Baitadi not fine

Published On: June 27, 2019 03:10 PM NPT By: RSS

BAITADI, June 27: The pine forests in Baitadi district are facing destruction due to the reckless collection of resin. Due to this forest fire has also increased. A majority of the 357 community forests in the district are pine forests.

"The pine forests are facing destruction as the community forest users committees are only concerned with short-term profit that comes with the sale of resin. They do not adopt techniques of sustainable forest management while collecting resin from pine trees. Hence, the increasing risk of forest depletion," Keshav Datta Joshi, a local of Sigas rural municipality-, said, expressing his concern.

Ram Bista, another local, said a rampant collection of resin reduces the longevity of the pine tree. "They only collect the resin but do not bother to plant pine saplings.

Although there is immediate profit from resin collection, it will create problem in future if resin collection is allowed in the present unregulated manner," he said.

The Division Forest Office Baitadi said four companies have been given license for collecting resin in various forests in the district. Information officer at the office Ram Prasad Chaudhary said although some problem has been seen due to the rampant collection of resin, the situation has not reached to the extent that it will destroy the whole forest.

According to him, 58 percent of the 148,378 hectares land in the district is covered by forests.

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